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  • Day98

    Tag 98/99: Singapur - Ostern & danach

    April 16, 2017 in Singapore

    _Tag 98_
    11:15 Uhr Ostergottesdienst in der St. Andrew's Cathedral! (Frohe Ostern euch allen!🐰)
    Dann zu dem berühmten Singapur-Zoo etwas außerhalb fahren - dort gibt es eine River- & Nightsafari, und der Tierpark gehört zu den besten der Welt! Regen und Zeitmanagement haben unsere Pläne aber ein bisschen verändert: wir haben vom Zoo nur den Eingangsbereich besucht, uns dort niedergelassen und Durian-Chips gepicknickt 😂
    Dazu sollte man wissen: aufgrund ihres EXTREMEN Duftes ist die Durian-Frucht in öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln und Gebäuden in ganz Südostasien strikt verboten und wird von allen gefürchtet 😲 (also wir fanden die Chips ganz lecker eigentlich).

    _Tag 99_
    Üben den Beachwalk zur "Sentosa-Island" im Süden der Stadt. Diese kleine Insel ist quasi ein einziger großer Freizeitpark! Verbringen dort viel Zeit in Süßigkeitenläden (😍👍) und laufen danach noch ein Stück den Mt. Faber hoch, ein kleiner Berg mit viel Grün. Abschluss von Singapur: abends auf der Helix-Brücke ein Blick auf die blinkenden Bäume der "Gardens by the Bay" werfen und dann ab zum Flughafen! ✈
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  • Day32


    August 26 in Singapore

    Nach 5 Jahren of „Papa ich möchte zu den Pandas“ endlich at Singapore River Safari Zoo @ Last Stopp before flight home

    Den Nashornvogel haben wir jetzt auch genauer anschauen können, nachdem wir ihn im Dschungel nur oben auf den Bäumen gesehen haben.

    Hammer sind die Aquarien, die sind sehr großzügig, da würde sich ja fast ein Tauchgang lohnen 😉

    Und dann wollte Jule noch unbedingt eine Schlange anfassen, eine Königspython mit 1,3 kg und 1m Länge.

    So und jetzt geht es zum Gate
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  • Day14

    Orangutans and Giraffes

    July 13, 2017 in Singapore

    Torrential downpour this morning, as Singapore still experiencing the tail end of a typhoon in China. Being British, though, this did not stop us from a day out at the zoo! Big day for Leila - not only did we have breakfast with the orangutans, but she also got to feed the giraffes! I'm always a bit in two minds about zoos, but I have to say that Singapore Zoo was beautiful.

  • Day6

    Continuous Eating, Day ???

    December 21, 2017 in Singapore

    Got to go down memory lane a little by journeying back to Jurong and hitting up a couple old favourite places last night (before seeing The Last Jedi at JCube). Lots of feels and lots of eating so far. Night Safari was awesome but the experience does not lend itself to good photos. Today, got some good katsu curry and are heading to the zoo again!

  • Day6

    Zoo day. Best day.

    December 21, 2017 in Singapore

    After a leisurely morning, that consisted of multiple meals, we were off to the zoo! This zoo is the only zoo I've been to that lets you get so close to the animals that you could touch them (could - not should!). Like the rainforest area - this huge atrium where you can walk right along side lemurs with huge fruit bats flying over your head (with 2 foot long wings!).

    Our zoo trip also brought us up close to our two favorites animals: giraffes for Danielle and tapirs for Igor.

    All in all a great day. Capped off with a couple cocktail bars and Din Tai Fung, a delicious Michelin star restaurant serving xiao long bao (steamed dumplings)!
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  • Day112

    Another big day! We started off walking the jubilee walk along the old river front. It was great to see the old buildings which are part of Singapore’s history as a free harbor. There were boats crossing the river but we stayed on the promenade and admired the contrasting views of old buildings and ships vs. skyscrapers. And we also saw the famous Merlion Singapore’s mascot animal half lion, half fish.

    As the heat and sun started the burn down on us, we went for shelter in an ice-cold Starbucks with a Matcha Frappuccino :-)

    We then went into another mall for some Yoga clothes shopping (Anna needs to be prepared for Indonesia) and then met with Lara, a friend from Munich, to go visit Singapore Zoo. The bus ride there was already an adventure as the bus was filled with pet animals :-)

    The visit started out great with free-roaming monkeys 🐒 in the trees, a herd of white rhinos 🦏🦏 , giraffe 🦒 feeding. The latter was - in true Singapore style - available as an upgrade and for “only 5$ you can feed the giraffe yourself”. Everything is for sale here.

    We then continued to a large territory for birds and flying foxes which look a bit like bats but are cuter and bigger. Unfortunately, it soon started to rain ☔️ and it did not stop for 1.5 hours ;-/ We could not make use of our - also dearly paid for - tram tickets as the tram was always full with people and once we got in, the thunderstorm was in full bloom. The craziest thing was a lightning striking next to us with electric buzzing audible seconds before :-O

    We still had the highlight of the day coming, though: we also booking tickets for the night safari and loved it. First comes a 40-minuted tram ride - with commentary on the animals that one sees but overall too noisy and loud. We were especially sorry for the animals at this point but maybe they were already accustomed? They did not seem too mind too much, especially the smaller ones. A great opportunity was that one can additionally tour the night zoo on foot and it was great to see so many nocturnal animals minding their business: hippos, bats, flying foxes, lions, tigers, various smaller cat-like creatures on trees, porcupines... really cool!
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  • Day28


    July 11 in Singapore

    Two days before our Visa ran out we returned to Singapore. The time in Indonesia was interesting but also quite intense. Especially travelling around was sometimes strenuous because we took the bus instead of other more comfortable options... Lesson learned!!
    The arrival in Singapore was a great change because we were already used to the touts and overpricing in Indonesia. So it was relaxing to have a bus schedule with fixed prices attached where you knew how to get there ;) Our good friends Jens and Debo let us stay with them once more and for dinner we had the most amazing vesper (a cold German dinner platter with bread, cheese, sausage and some veggies) with cheeses and several other delicacies 😍😍😍
    The next day we spent time sorting our stuff, relaxing and chatting. In the evening Jens and me went to play Badminton...
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  • Day3

    Night Safari

    May 18 in Singapore

    Night zoo in Singapore hosting only nocturnal animals! You explore the place in the dark on a tram then after are free to wonder the trails (in the dark) and visit the animals, some enclosures like the Wallaby enclosure you were inside with them! Nothing more terrifying than a rustle in the bushes and a massive Wallaby coming springing out! After I did the lion train and saw Malayan Tigers, Spotted Hyenas, Clouded Leopards, Binturongs, Asian Elephants, Asiatic Black Bears and many more!Read more

  • Day282

    Night Safari

    June 20, 2017 in Singapore

    Eine wirklich coole Erfahrung. Leider kann man hier nicht so viele Fotos machen, aber es war super und mal was ganz anderes!
    Auf den Bilder sind jetzt Hyänen, Giraffen, Kakalaken und Ochsen

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