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  • Day11

    Straw hat and pigtails

    June 29 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    1172 miles travelled
    We journeyed through the forests of New Brunswick over the eight mile long confederation bridge to Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.). The first thing that struck us was how red the sand and dirt is (like Dawlish!). It’s a pretty island with watery inlets cutting into the rolling landscape and there are farms with red barns and tractors rusting away in the undergrowth. One of the reasons to visit this island is to see the house that was the subject of the book ‘Anne of green gables’. Canada parks manage it and a fine job they have done. Nice to stroll around and take in the atmosphere. L M Montgomery the lady author was born and lived close by and the house was owned by her elderly relatives. However outside the gate. Some ‘entrepreneurs’ have cached in on the theme. If it’s not ticky tacky shops, it’s crazy golf or miniature roller coasters that vie for your attention. Not really in keeping with the area. We have enjoyed some nice trails nearby and as we walk along we come across swathes of lupins they are everywhere. Unfortunately the mozzies here are everywhere too and ferocious. Stop for a second and they are on you biting away. However a liberal application of deet see them bouncing and skidding away. It defiantly works on these horrors. Visited Charlottetown the capital of P.E.I. Nothing much to write home about. Bit of a tourist trap.Read more