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  • Day10

    200 kroners

    June 2, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    This morning was overcast and calling for rain all day.

    We checked out of our hostel and headed down to Flåm city where we were going to go on the fjordsafari.

    This is a 2 hour boat ride on the Aurlandsfjord and on the Nærøyfjord. The Nærøyfjord is a UNESCO world heritage site. Along the way we made stops at attractions and spotted for seals, porpoises (2nd smallest whale) and eagles. The rain also held off completely for the tour. The fjords are connected to the ocean so they have same marine life. It was seriously the most incredible thing I've ever seen. We saw the town called Undredal (population of 90 ppl) which was used as inspiration for Disney's Frozen. There is also this bnb on the top of a super steep mountain. It was once a farm but an American turned it into a bed and breakfast. He worked on it for 17 years. There is still no electricity today. There is a two year waiting list to stay at the bnb. The only way to get to the top is by boat then to hike (45 minutes if you're in good shape) to the top. When it was a farm, they had bought a tracker and when they delivered it they didn't realize that there was no road so they actually took the tracker apart and hiked it up the mountain piece by piece. Today, the motor of the tracker runs a cable to the top. Its used to carry the luggage up to the top for the bob so you don't have to hike with it. Norway has been one of a kind experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone (as long as you have a good job & can afford to eat 😂)

    After the boat trip, we walked around the city a little more and waited for our bus to Bergen.

    Waiting at the bus stop, we met this Australian couple who are traveling Norway for 3 weeks. We were talking about how expensive it has been here in Norway & how it's almost triple what we pay at home.... then they told us that it's almost 6 times what they pay at I feel bad for ever complaining 😂

    The bus to Bergen was about 3 hours long. The scenery from the mountains was beautiful and the tops were covered with snow. We went through a couple tunnels that went right through the mountains. One of them was about 20km long. While we were on the bus, there was a guy sitting beside me that wrapped his head in curtains... I'm not really sure what was going on.

    We arrived in Bergen and it was pouring rain. We got off the bus and had absolutely no idea where we were going. We looked at the directions our Airbnb host gave us and they were a little complicated. We google mapped it & it said there was no way to get there by public transit... after 20 Minutes of trying to figure it out we found out where we needed to go. Walked across the park in the pouring rain (in our Canadian ponchos) and got to the bus stop.

    A guy started talking to us about Canada at the bus stop (knew we were tourists by the poncho). I asked him how we buy a ticket for the bus & we had to go into the store to get one. Once we got back, we realized he was wasted... he also told us we can stay at his place if we wanted to.... omg creepy.

    Got on the bus & guess who sat right in front of us... the creepy man... yay -.-

    We got off the bus and walked about 300 meters to our Airbnb. Our host is awesome & has a whole set up of maps and directions to the nearest tram & buses.

    Our room has a panoramic view of Bergen and the beds are super comfy. Since it's raining & it was already 9pm, we were just going to stay in and watch a movie and hit the town tomorrow when it's supposed to be nicer.
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