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  • Day36

    A Glorious sunny day in Bergen

    October 4 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    A really almost perfect day. First I have to correct a gross error from yesterday when we weren’t properly orientated - the $100 hamburger was a misreading of the menu! When scrutinised today we found it was item 600 on the menu, not 600 kroner, and actually was a fairly normal price!! So I apologise for giving the totally wrong impression.

    So now for today - it started with breakfast, which is included with the room - and it was a massive buffet. Not a simple continental breakfast, but every choice you could conceive of - all the usual eggs, bacon, croissants, amazing bread, baked beans, but also couscous, radishes, salads, caviar, and also for us the pièce de resistance - an orange squeezing machine!!! And even the coffee machine produced good coffee. So that was an excellent start, and kept us going till dinner.

    It was a beautiful day - sunny and sparkling. Our first objective was to ascend the mountain looking down on the city - we took the funicular up, admired the breathtaking view from the top, and then walked back down on the zigzag path. Amazing views all the way. Then we took a break in a coffee shop and decided to spend the afternoon going to Grieg’s house, a little way out of the city. We got the light rail back towards the airport and alighted at a station called Hop, and walked about 20 minutes following the signs. Spent a lovely couple of hours there. There is his actual house, a museum, and a small house by the water where he composed. Looking out from there you can imagine how he was inspired to compose his music. Very good and very manageable. Got the tram back. I had a short visit back to the hotel and Amr had time looking at shops and a general wander. We all met up with C and J at a wine bar we had found this morning.

    Also this morning on our initial reconnoiter we had found a wonderful place which we had totally missed last night. A building which is the information upstairs is a sort of fish market below. Not the open fish market which is also nearby, but a series of shops which sell fish (caught that day) and all have restaurants attached to them. Just perfect for what we were looking for, so we had booked a table for 6.30, and when we came we were glad we had. We were not the only people who liked to dine there!

    And we had the BEST meal. I had halibut baked with butter and chervil, with vegs and salad, just perfect. And Amr and I each had a glass of Alberiño. We were all totally satisfied.

    Bergen is just lovely. Everything works. No dilapidated houses or buildings. And SO picturesque. Maybe because of their long dark winters everything is designed to allow light. All the walls are glass (I keep having trouble finding the door and trying to enter through a window)...the breakfast room which is huge, and spread round a whole floor, feels so light and not crowded because of this light. And our hotel room, though fairly small, makes used of the space so cleverly that we feel almost spacious. The shower is two glass doors that magnetise together to make a square shower recess. But they can rotate back to the wall and that square becomes part of the bathroom space.

    Also, a very comfy bed. And unlike many European beds which are two beds pushed together, with double sheets over all, but with a crack in the middle that you can’t sleep on...this bed is one double mattress but with 2 doonas (each neatly folded German style), far preferable! So we have had a wonderful day, corrected our first impressions as novices, and wonder how people, who have been brought up here all their childhood, feel when they visit other countries and realise that all the world is not as beautiful as Norway! (Maybe Switzerland would qualify)...

    Anyway, we are very much looking forward to our 12 days, starting tomorrow, on the Hurtigruten boat...we can drop our bags there at 12.30, and then come back at 3.30 to check in. I think we sail at about 9 pm. So new adventure, and I have no idea of the wifi situation so if nothing published for a while it is because of the lack of wifi. But Amr says I can use his hot spot from his phone with the European SIM! (If he has reception)...anyway, we’ll see how it goes. I will write up each day, as particularly on the boat they may merge in my mind. Have plenty of books on my kindle to read as we float up the fjords!
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  • Day37

    Now on the Hurtigruten boat Nordlys

    October 5 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today is an exciting day as we are now on the boat that we will live on for the next 12 days. This morning, after our sumptuous breakfast we packed up and checked out of the hotel at midday. Got a taxi to the terminal where we could leave our bags (which would be taken to our cabins) and then we were free for a few hours as check in to the boat wasn’t till 3, boarding at 4 and cabins ready at 6!

    So Amr and I went to an exhibition of Edvard Munch paintings...really good - he is so famous for the Scream that I hadn’t realised he did so many others and it was really good. Another building had the permanent exhibits - more Munch and other Norwegian artists, and some modern art - Picasso, Bracht, that took the time till we could check in and board our ship.....

    And here we are snugly in our cabin. Now writing a bit later as we had a briefing before when I was writing - about the ship and excursions and meeting the crew etc...a sort of routine as on all ships I guess, like we did on the river cruises. I think there are about 350 passengers...but people come and go at the various ports. We found our cabin and are amazed at how spacious a small space can be! Had expected to be more cramped...there is a luggage room where we can put suitcases, but we probably won’t bother as they can be put aside easily. When we arrived the beds were put away. One was a couch and one pulled down from the wall. But we pulled them into their bed formation and don’t think we’ll put them back, as plenty of room with them down, and we won’t be in here much except to sleep. Bathroom small but all works perfectly, and there are shelves and spaces to put things everywhere. We have completely unpacked - luxury!

    Carole and John booked a posher cabin than us, and with their package they get free wifi, and can log on 5 devices each! so John has very kindly let me log on my iPad, and the wifi seems good, so I think I can do the blog. We have been allotted dinner sittings and we are at 8pm which is good. C and J have been put at a 6.30 sitting and may change to coincide with us at the same table, but I think they actually prefer earlier, so we’ll see. Dinner tonight was a buffet free for all, delicious food but I can see why they regulate the times, tables and sittings as it was chaotic and people who didn’t get in early had to wait for quite a long time.

    Anyway, we left at 9.30 pm and I was out on the deck well rugged up as it was cold. Amr found it too cld and sought a warmer vantage point, but it was such fun seeing the lights of Bergen receding...just beautiful, and a huge, low, almost half moon low on the horizon. Gorgeous. Now clean and tucked in...there is even a pull out clothes line in the bathroom, and a heated floor (the bathroom floor was heated in the hotel too)...I guess Norwegians know all about cold. Now 11pm and will try to sleep, but rather excited!
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  • Day2

    Bergen Halbinsel Nordnes

    June 21 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    Heute starten wir bei schönen Wetter und wollen spontan mit der Fjordcruiser nach Mostraumen starten. Aber leider gib es für die Tour um 10:00 keine Plätze mehr. Also kaufen wir gleich die Tickets für 14:00 Uhr und beschließen bis zum Start die Halbinsel Nordnes von Bergen zu erkunden. Langsam ziehen die ersten schwarzen Wolken auf und es kommt wie es kommen muß, es fängt zum Regnen an. Also ab mit uns ins Schifffahrtsmuseum.Read more

  • Day3

    Bergens Hausberg bei Aprilwetter

    June 22 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    Heute ging es auf Bergens Hausberg. Mit der Fløibane, eine Standseilbahn die uns auf den Fløyen führt, die Bahn überwindet seit über 100 Jahre auf einer Streckenlänge von 848 Metern eine Höhendifferenz von 302 Meter. Bergab geht es dann klassisch zu Fuß mit 🌦☔️.

  • Day4

    J4 Bergen

    May 29 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Croisière sans histoire sur la Fjordline. Escale à Stavanger puis terminus à Bergen à 12h30 comme prévu.
    Premier contact avec les 58 000 îles du pays, entre lesquelles navigue notre ferry, comme une péniche sur un canal.
    Météo maussade d'éclaircies et d'averses.
    Nous avons trouvé un hôtel tout près du port. L'ennui est que le parking n'étant pas gardé, on nous conseille de décharger entièrement les motos, ce qui demande beaucoup d'énergie avec tous nos sacs.
    Visite de Bergen, de son marché aux poissons, de ses maisons en bois et de son musée de la ligue hanséatique. Malheureusement le musée principal est fermé, recouvert d'une bache pour travaux.
    Nous confirmons que la tenue du motard n'est pas spécialement la plus adaptée pour visiter une ville sous la pluie.
    Nous vérifierons demain son efficacité pour la moto sous la pluie...
    En attendant, nous sommes en Norvège, et le voyage peut commencer !

    PS le lien du blog d'Arnaud :
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  • Day10

    J10 RAS

    June 4 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    La courroie du Spyder arrive lentement et, d'après sa trace sur Internet, elle atteindra Bergen ce soir.
    Nous espérons donc que la réparation sera faite demain et que nous pourrons enfin repartir. Il restera 13 jours avant le ferry de retour. Nous avons l'intention de bien les remplir.
    En attendant, il faut libérer les chambres et trouver un autre hébergement. Or tous les autres hôtels de Bergen sont également pleins et archipleins. Nous avons fini par trouver une sorte d'auberge de jeunesse en banlieue, sous le téléphérique, avec dortoirs et lits superposés. Heureusement que nous l'avions réservée ce matin par Internet, car à 13h c'était plein aussi.
    Mais que se passe-t-il donc à Bergen en ce moment ???
    Quoi qu'il en soit, nous savons depuis Epitecte que "vouloir changer ce qui ne dépend pas de lui rend l'homme malheureux, tandis qu'accepter son impuissance sur ces choses et ne s'occuper que de la partie de lui-même qu'il peut contrôler l'amène à un bonheur immuable et infini."
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  • Day7

    J7 Repos forcé

    June 1 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Pluie continuelle le matin.
    Ce qui différencie la terre ferme de Norvège de ses fjords, c'est la quantité de sel contenue dans l'eau.
    Nous avons commencé par trouver un photographe pour remplacer le filtre polarisant d'Arnaud, qui avait fait une mauvaise chute dans la nuit.
    Puis nous avons parcouru l'autre moitié de Bergen, que nous ne connaissions pas encore, en commençant par l'aquarium, et en continuant par le musée de la marine. Très bien fait. La Norvège était la 3ème puissance maritime du monde ! Nous y sommes restés tellement longtemps que nous n'avons pas pu visiter le musée d'histoire, qui allait fermer.
    Comme le soleil réapparaissait, nous avons fait un deuxième tour de visite et de photos.
    Le centre de Bergen n'a maintenant plus aucun secret pour nous. C'est une ville très propre, très agréable, à échelle humaine. Très peu de circulation, et presque que des véhicules électrique du dernier cri. Oui, la Norvège est un pays riche, qui non seulement n'a pas de déficit budgétaire, mais qui a placé ses centaines de milliards d'économies dans un fonds d'investissement...
    Demain, nous prendrons le téléphérique et retournerons au musée d'histoire.
    En attendant, parmi les norvégiens célèbres, j'ai retenu Hansen, qui a découvert le bacille de la lèpre, Nansen et Amundsen, qui ont exploré les pôles, et Grieg, qui a composé Peer Gynt.
    C'est pas un blog instructif ça ?
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  • Day9

    J9 demain sera meilleur

    June 3 in Norway ⋅ 🌬 14 °C

    La trace GPS du jour est supérieure à celle des deux jours précédents, puisque nous avons fait 800 mètres en changeant d'hôtel. Et puis cela a permis de faire tourner l'Oural et de la changer de parking.
    Nous espérons que la courroie expédiée de Finlande arrivera finalement demain chez le réparateur, ce qui nous permettra tout de même d'aller plus vite et plus loin qu'à pied.
    Comme l'écrivait le célèbre Ibsen en 1887 dans Hans Heiberg : "Permettez-moi donc de trinquer à l'avenir, aux temps futurs".
    Comme les vrais norvégiens, nous ignorons en effet la pluie et les contrariétés mécaniques.
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  • Day7

    Eidfjord and Stavanger Norway

    May 27 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Perfect sunny day enjoying the fiords of Norway. Pinch me...we are here! Cruising in to the Eidfjord fiord at sunrise was breathtaking. Smooth as glass, crystal clear, peaceful, surreal. We were taken by bus to a Norweigan national park and nature preserve. The bus followed the river, rocky fast flowing and full of fish ladders all the way. An interesting presentation about the natural elements and origination of this land. The mountains are right upon you..straight up. The Noweigan trekking cloths are sold everywhere and far superior to anything we see at home. Following the tour Paul and I walked 6km up some trails following the river then back through the town. A very enjoyable afternoon.
    Another perfect sunny day in Stavanger..pop 130 000. the oil capital, fourth largest and most international city in Norway. Immigration to support the oil and fishing industries has made this a very multicultural city.
    It is very cool and windy but warms up nicely for our walking tour of the city center and oil museum.
    1969 gas was found off coast the north comparison it was mid 80s before it was found off Newfoundland. The geology ..of the oil 3 layers..of sea a reservoir layer that contains oil. The highly sought after light crude is 2500 to 4000m below the surface and easiest oil to refine. Norway owns more of the oil than land. There are approx 200 installations in Norwegian sea..operating about 80 at a time. The oil museum is fascinating and one of the best most developed museums anywhere. It has been paid for from the oil trust fund that provides for the high quality of life in Norway. The fund is worth billions and spends approx 4pc annually on health care, education, infrastructure and culture.
    A walk through the old town preserved from 17 and 18th centuries is delightful. Cobblestone streets, over 250 wooden buildings, the highest concentration of historic buildings on the continent, all restored from the trust fund. The fish market and historical stops at the old cannery where herring was processed and shipped worldwide are fascinating. The town is very much filled with locals and lots of bakeries and cafe's. Norwegians rank second in the world for amount of coffee consumption. We stopped to try a delicious pastry and coffee then continued on our own exploring for a couple of hours.
    We have met many interesting guests on the ship. The enhancement lectures by three retired university profs provide excellent background info on our next stops and many other topics.
    The food is exceptional..Paul and Jean were right into the seafood buffet last evening and many other choices abound.
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