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  • Day42

    Farewell Scotland

    October 4, 2016 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

    I left the beauty of Scotland behind me today. I did try and work in a visit to the Isle of Arran but couldn't get the ferries to work.

    The drive from Fort William to Largs was truly gorgeous, especially coming down through Loch Lamond.
    I broke the journey at Largs, it is the setting of several of Dorita Fairlie Bruce's series and also I was told I had to have icecream there. Always one to do as I am told I had an icecream sundae. I enjoyed it but it the sort of thing you should indulge in rarely.
    I was conscious of the time so while I took the ferry to Great Cumbrae I didn't get off and explore the island.

    Then it was a long drive to Coniston in the Lake District. The last hour was in the datk along some windy narrow roads.
    I'm staying in an Inn (pub with accommodation upstairs). There must be a church nearby as the clock/bell struck 9 times at 9pm.
    Hopefully once I've shut the windows I won't be able to hear it. The window is open because I'm trying to cool the room down. I find the radiators make the room rather hot.

    Icecream sundae
    Parish of St Columba
    Ferry unloading
    Cumbrae in the distance
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