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  • Day3


    January 17, 2020 in Colombia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Today we visited the Medellin downtown. We saw sculptures by Fernando Botero. He is the most famous artist in Colombia and is 86 years old!! He even drew a picture of Pablo Escobar dead on a rooftop! He makes his drawings have bigger proportions than normal for example he makes them have huge heads. These are referred to as Gordos ( fat man ) and Gordas ( fat lady ).

    Next we visited the downtown marketplace. It was extremely busy, and crazy and it felt like you could buy just about anything, although I thought “ha I bet they don’t have saddles” and we turned the corner and we saw a saddle shop!! Aha!! I held my backpack in front of me because it was known as being one of the most dangerous parts of Medellin. There was also black markets hidden everywhere around us where you could buy drugs and prostitutes.

    There was also some very interesting architecture in Medellin and one building looks like a pencil stack!! I’ll put some photos of lots of different architecture.

    A guy claiming to be an artist came to draw my picture and it was so bad I thought he was a con- artist ahahaha!!
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    Michael Carney

    “Con-artist” .... very witty xxx Fascinating place.

    Sylvia Carney

    The market sounds exciting but a bit intimidating 😬 again a very interesting read. Xx

    Sylvia Carney

    Definitely a con artist.

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