• Day5

    New Island, less wind, more mossies!

    October 16, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    After a long wait for a ferry that doesn't seem to understand timetables, apparently that's very Greek, I made it to Naxos. It was dark when I arrived and not all that promising. My studio room is lovely with a large balcony and a very comfy bed but the street it's on is not particularly picturesque.
    As mentioned in the header the lack of wind on Naxos has brought out the bugs. To be fair I think it is only one but they have had a good old munch on any exposed skin. I must be very tasty! I'm also very itchy now too.
    Naxos is obviously a very lively place in the summer as there are loads of bars and restaurants lining the beaches but the majority are now closed with signs saying see you next May! There are still enough however to cover the few tourists here now.
    Yesterday I wandered along the beach for about 3 miles. The sand is that lovely mix of shells and small stones. It glitters in the sunlight, all colours of the rainbow.
    I found a lovely cove that I thought I'd stop in but apparently it's the nudist section. My white bits do not need to burn so I moved along. 😏
    For dinner I stopped at a lovely taverna with the required number of cats, it seems to be three. I tried something new on the menu which was interesting and delicious. Sort of an aubergine lasagne with fresh tomatoes and a piece of steak sandwiched between the layers of aubergine. Yum!
    Tonight there is an open air showing off Mama Mia somewhere in town so I think I might have to head over. It is the reason I wanted to come her watching the gorgeous scenery.
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