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  • Day16

    Sydney (not Australia!)

    August 8, 2018 in Canada ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We arrived at Sydney in Nova Scotia and affter breakfast disembarked and had picture taken with Town Cryer - Tash holding bell. He gave us some small badges tow with Nova Scotia crest and two with Canadad and we learned Nova Scotia was New Scotland, never really thought of that before.
    On the dock side is a big fiddle, maybe 40 feet high. Due to links to folk music of Scotland and Island I guess. We had no plans today so got map from the tourist info place and walked up into town. We followed the mainstreet along past the museum, an old domed building and saw a cafe up a sideatreet so went for coffee and toast. Was cute place with kids play area painted with muppets murals.

    The shop connected next door had some wollen knitted frisbees, which we tested and were very good so got one. Ed also got some computer gamer socks. We went back to the main street and crossed at the raonbow crossing (lots of these around to show tolerance to all) and into the Cape Breton craft centre. Got a magnet and a funny painted print of a goat called Alma apparently.

    Continued walking down to the park where the kids played in the water fountains for a bit and we watched a lady feed ducks on the lake. Very funnya s more and more ducks kept appearing. Walked to the waterfront and followed the boardwalk back to the ship.

    Went up to the Lido deck and spent the afternoon in the sun and the pool. The deck was so warm in the sun it was actually too painful to walk on. Ed took to shuffling on a towel across the warmest parts

    Sam had a spa treatment at 5 so the three of us went into the main dining room at 530. Got a bottle of wine as they aid it could be stored until we went in again on Friday night (avoiding Thursday night gala dinner as we didnt have posh enough clothes apparently!). Food in here is nice but decent gastropub standard I would say.

    We went to the bar and took up spor in corner fro the quiz. Nicole and Tony our Canadian froiends came along with their sones (Brogan and Rogerio I think) and we did the quiz. Good fun with Irish compere, Sam joined us at the tail end. They went off to dinner and we went to the show. Was a magician (Alexander Great) tonoght who did ramge of tricks very well. One where he amde a card appear from a pack drawn on a sheet of paper was very perplexing. Even the swwing the lady in half I stared at the feet but could not see how they chnaged from artifical to real and back again.
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