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  • Day6

    I feel the love

    September 5, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    This past week has been an amazing start to my journey across the country. Tonight I am writing from Josh and Sarah's new house in Lyndeborough, NH. What a beautiful place. Before I get started on today's fun I will recap the day before as it was also a stellar day.

    The morning after cheese club, Andrew and I decided to go for an early morning walk. I hate waking up early, but there are some things worth the sacrifice. A walk through the woods with Andrew is one of those things that's worth it. After my 6am alarm, it was time. I rolled out of bed and Andrew was already up and ready to go. We stepped outside and the air was crisp, and slightly chilly. Andrew's Miata's top had been left down and my bike left uncovered. Both were covered in dew. We walked through the woods near Phillips academy and talked about the future. The walk was over before I knew what happened and then we spotted a duck on a nearby pond. Andrew, of course, pulls out a bag of cracked corn to feed the duck. As we talk about tiny houses, the duck reluctantly eats the feed as Andrew draws her in closer and closer. Another great conversation in a beautiful setting with a great friend.

    Breakfast time had finally arrived. A couple of breakfast sandwiches and then Andrew and I started poking at my bike. We decided to start messing with the rear brake/stand light. I told him how the brake light didn't work all the time and that the bulb made a loose connection, and we got to work. I knew the problem existed but didn't have to motivation to fix it previously ( I know I know brake lights are important). Then we fixed the position of my handguards which I recently installed a few days prior. After some Dremel action, a little bit of filing, and finally taking a hack saw to the brake lever we finally got the handguards to fit well. Last task to complete was the brake fluid. I'd noticed both of my reservoirs were low, so we went to the store and grabbed some dot 4 brake fluid. After a few flushes on each brake I took the bike for a test ride. The brakes were great and my mind was at ease. Many many thanks to Andrew for again helping me with my mechanical motor vehicle work. I wouldn't have that stuff done without you. Also Amanda made some rockin zucchini raviolis for lunch.

    From Andover I traveled north to NH. I arrive at the new Filgate compound. The latest member of their family, faith the dog, greets me with a fierce bark. I quickly realize that I'm wearing my riding jacket which might be the problem. I quickly remove the jacket and we become fast friends. Josh and Sarah and I catch up before heading to his brother Jon's house in Sterling, MA. He is having a party and it starts off with a sunset cruise on his party boat. We fit 20 people and 3 dogs. I think the limit is supposed to be 12, yowza. The night has started off right. I was pleased to see Eddy was there as I didn't expect him to be there. Also great to see Steve, Tammy, Stacy, Caparso and the rest of the Filgate crew. Awesome fireworks display and good times all around. Thanks Jon for introducing me to more great friends. You rock! I was also able to share the rest of the cheese I had from the night before around the campfire. Pretty good way to wrap up the night.

    Sunday was another beautiful day. Josh, Sarah, Faith, and I visited a nearby pond for some floating and relaxing. The weather was perfect with a slight breeze and lots of sun. Post pond we made a b-line for some ice cream. Then it was off to Rindge to see Dan, Hannah and the rest of the gang for some barn party action. That community has always got some fun stuff going on. The barn party was filled with musical and artistic talent. As well as culinary delights. Another great finish to a wonderful day.

    The attached picture is the sunset over the lake that Jon lives on.
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