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  • Day13

    Algonquin Provincial Park

    September 12, 2016 in Canada ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Moose! Well one moose, but almost immediately upon entering the park there is a moose about a hundred yards off the road munching down on some swamp veggies. The moose was conveniently located just after a sign that said "be prepared to stop". After checking out the moose, I made my way towards my campsite. I stayed at the lake of two rivers. Upon check in another gentleman is also about to get a site and suggests we split the site for the night (campsites in Canada are typically $45 a night! Even with the exchange that is pretty steep). I agree and we make fast friends. Wally has a truck which I can keep my food in for the night as there was a bear spotted in the area. We talk around a campfire for a couple hours and I get a tip on a short hike for the next day. Good thing we made a fire cause it got cold that night. 6C which is about 42F; it felt like it dipped into the 30s.

    The next morning, my judge of character is good and Wally hasn't made off with my food or any of my gear. After I shower and warm up, I head for the hike Wally recommended. It was a pretty good view of the area, but honestly I wasn't impressed. A beautiful area, but it's got nothing on NE. After the hike, I make my way out of the park and head west towards Michigan. It's a beautiful day, and the ride was nice. Next stop is Sturgeon Bay Provincial Park.

    Pictures: Moose, not easy to see but it's there. The lake in my campsite in the morning. Vista from the hike. Nicely spaced trees near the vista.
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