• Day5

    Just a regular Monday morning

    September 2, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Things bike touring and construction have in common:

    -hi vis clothing and head protection required
    -long, grueling days
    - you get up ridiculously early but end up running late anyway
    -the tool you just used isn't where you left it
    - you're too tired to do anything but drink a beer and pass out at the end of the day
    -no good reason to bother with clean clothes
    -people tell you not to wear headphones but sometimes you do it anyway
    -everything hurts, ibuprofen only kind of helps
    - your bag is heavy and filled with stuff you dont use but there's still something you left at home that you need
    -coffee is necessary
    - you're constantly exposed to the elements but the only real excuse to stop is lightning
    -Sense of accomplishment clouded by pain
    -You want to wash your hands at break but there's nowhere to do it
    -"i really hope that giant truck sees me"
    - you waited too long to put on sunblock
    - you're not going as fast as you think you are
    - it's hard to tell if you're really tan or just covered in dirt

    Ok I'll stop now. Cause i shouldn't be wasting time on my phone. Hey, that's another one!
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