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  • Day12

    Out in Singapore

    November 3, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Yeay, one day off! My plane is leaving in the evening, so I have plenty spare time. I must admit, I feel some weight coming off my shoulders. Spent the inevitable waking hours between 2 and 4am with a boring audio book, determined to hold on to the night. It worked, next time I woke was at 9am, rested and ready for the day! Firstly, a long slow breakfast. Then off to the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. Lots of walking, mainly so that I can allow myself to eat even more in this capital of food! But also to just be in the garden, especially the orchid garden. It’s gorgeous. There is a part with special ‘vip’ orchids, cultivated hybrids which are named after famous visitors. They call it ‘orchid diplomacy’. The whole garden is beautiful and peaceful and has enough shadow so that you can spend the middle of the day without being roasted. I love being in this climate, and I love the spicy food. Wish I could stay longer. But also I wish being at home. Especially today, because it’s my dad‘s 75th birthday and I can’t be with him and my family. We talked on the phone at least.
    After walking to and through and back from the Botanic Gardens and being totally soaked (or is this coming from the spices???) I had a last shower and a last foot rub. Then checkout from this terrific place. I hope I can come back soon.
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