• Day0

    Los Angeles, USA

    May 5, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The plane is kinda cool. I watched passengers and willy wonka.
    When we arrived I went to Disney California Adventure and went on lots of rides, I liked all the rides I went on. But my favourite was Ariel, because Ursula was really huge and cool.

    The next day I went to Disneyland. I went on all the rides, but my favourites were Hyperspace and Matterhorn Bobsleds and Splash mountain. Because on the bobsleds there was a Yeti and he was pretty creepy. I liked Splash Mountain because when you went down the slide I got really wet.

    There was a Star Wars Theme for May 4th week and there was a cool Buzz ride and you had to shoot targets while the ride was moving and see how many points you can get. I got 6900, Dad got 132000 and Travis got 10,000, Mum got 6305 for our first rides.

    The next day we went back to Disney California and we went on lots of rides. The cars rides was amazing as it went super fast and I really liked how this ride started slow and then they jazz you up and you have a race with another car, it was super fast and cool. We did this ride 3 times as we got fast passes on this ride.

    We also went on Goofy's flying school which was a rollercoaster, it had big sharp turns so I felt like I was going to fall off, and it goes down a steep hill and it takes your breath away. I really liked it so we went on it 2 more times and used mum and dad's fast passes as we loved it so much.

    Grizzly peak was our next area and we rode on the Water ride and I really wet, Mum said I was a water magnet. The lines were short so we rode again straight after and again I got very very wet.

    Then we went to California Screamin on the fast pass and while we waited we went on the swinging ride. California Screaming I was super excited but scared as well. The ride counted 3, 2, 1 and zoom up and down and it was a really, really long ride and super dopey fun and I tried to pose for the photo but I couldn't as I was screaming so much.When we got off, I was impressed by how cool it was and I wanted to go on it agin and luckily I did go again.
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