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  • Day86

    Gettin in the groove of Luz

    August 3 in France ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Here is quite the collection. Emma and I went to the swimming pool between work :) we work 4 hours in the morning (8:30-12:30) and then 3 at night (6pm-9pm).
    Then there is the absolute ugliest bed we have ever made with Lise (she speaks the most English and we spend lots of time together at the Bar at night). Sorry to those customers 🥴🤢🤮
    Then there is my hotel brekkie and my hotel dinner - I have been eating a lot of toast with stuff of in - August is super busy so this is Sian’s diet and now mine too.

    Then here is a FaceTime with Jade and frankie when the time difference finally was okay.. they were just up late I think.

    This is Leenon , when she, Jaques and I got pizza and watched and movie and also got candy from the markets in the square that come every Friday and Monday. Thennnn here is a pretty view from my Saturday work- with an English guy cleaning apartments. Got my first paycheckkkk and ooo it feels good to have money coming in and not just going out 😊😎

    And then also the river in town.

    And lastttt to #keepitrealwithyouguys here is a picture I sent Scout while having a meltdown xx clearly wasn’t that funny at the time but quite the laugh to look back on. Glad I saved the photo. I’m completely fine though. I have quite a few of these in my camera roll.
    Super overtired and slept in until 11am on my rest day only to then have a 4 hour nap after lunch. :)
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    Scout Higgins

    Love you b

    Meg Anderson

    The lollies look good and they’re swimming sounds nice! Hope work is going well

  • Day77

    Workin girl

    July 25 in France ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Peep the first pic is me with the mayor of Luz! There was a ceremony in the square ( which the kitchen window of their apparement overlooks) that the mayor had to do a speech at with lots of important army people dressed up. So when Laurent had put his fancy attire on he told me this doesn’t happen often so said this was my only chance to get a proper photo with the mayor. So as he is the mayor we got a quick photo outside the hotel. Haha.

    I worked my first day the day after I arrived and have been doing a big mixture of ironing, washing, cleaning rooms, making beds, vacuuming, helping at the bar, and a bunch of other stuff. We all just kind of do everything.

    There are some other girls my age who I work with and they are all very sweet and we have lots of fun. They all speak a bit of English so we communicate with a bit of words with a bit of exaggerated expressions and charades actions sometimes but they are so funny and some of the things they say in English are just hilarious. I’ve been learning my way around the laundry room as we have made a deal that I help them improve their English and they help me learn French so we have made a vocab list. They know more English than I know French so I try to practice more when I have free time. Gosh I wish I learnt a language in school 🙄🤓

    The hotel is has very pretty views from the windows and the apartment in Les Templiers (they have two hotels - Les Sims and Les Templiers, 2 doors down from each other) is so so nice. We saw some cute birds too. In the photo is Emma and Laurine at Les Sims <3
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    Scout Higgins

    Working girl living that working girl life

    Scout Higgins

    I love it

    non mi basta mai


  • Day76


    July 24 in France ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    So you can only add 10 photos now to find penguins unless u buy premium. So if anyone is dying for content (not that I’ve been posting very consistently sorry) then I will be accepting donations to fund this ! Kidding. (Unless,..) I will adapt to this and maybe just post more small posts. 😬🥹

    Here is the start of my month in Luz. I caught the overnight train from Paris which this time I actually had a bed ! I was in the middle of a 3 layer bunk bed and I taught 3 of the people how to play go fish so we had a game before bed.

    Then I took the bus from Lourdes to Luz (I actually went too far and had to get picked up so have actually been to Bagues now) and the bottom right guy caught the bus too so helped me get onto the right ones as he spoke French. He was about to go on a 10 day hike alone so quite the trip.

    I am staying with Sian, Laurent and one of their sons Jaques (the other Aiden lives on campus at Sydney uni right now), and I’m sleeping in Jaques bed - he is in the attic of the hotel for August😬 but apparently this happens every year for him when Sian’s friends daughters come to stay.

    On the first day I had lunch with them at Laurent’s uncle and aunts house (Tati and Tonton) and also his dad (Papau). They were very sweet.

    Luz is so beautiful and I went to the Château (castle) that is a 20 minute walk. It’s a very cute town.
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    Scout Higgins

    How great!!

    Nicola Stergio

    I can’t believe ur there it looks amazing

  • Day73

    Paris 🇫🇷

    July 21 in France ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    First night in Paris !
    Big day on the train but my hostel was very social so went straight to dinner and had splurged a bittt with my new friends trying some snails that mmm were so good.
    Then me and Bryn shared a main to save some $$
    We all went to the Eiffel Tower and saw it sparkleee and of course had to do the classic bridge tourist shot 🤓
    I left with some girls at the tower who were going back to the hostel because the rest of my friends were going out but I was tired from the trains.
    Next morning I wake up and see Niamh who I had met at the Eiffel Tower come into the room with a huge bandage on the middle finger and looking like she was about to burst into tears. Poor girl had been on an electric scooter and somehow had fallen off and it had then somehow ran over her finger which a piece of is now forever in front of the Eiffel Tower. I had just met her an hour before this happened.
    She had been at the emergency room all night alone and was about to go to surgery and the pharmacy alone so I went with her. She learnt French at school so new a bit so I couldn’t really help out much but on the hospital papers I am her cousin so please welcome her to the fam xx but the moral support was all there. I will visit her in Scotland sometime during my trip I hope.
    Pranked mum with the hospital selfies and questions about insurance so we had a giggle while we were waiting. Big day. She had a yellow hand after surgery from the amnesia so got a few curious looks. Forever flipping us off ;)

    Scout had flown in and was at the hostel so got a very excited photo sent to me too and then on the way back from the hospital we were both walking along the canal and I see scout walking towards us (unplanned) and for a second I didn’t know it was her but then she saw me and we ran so fast and had a big hug and that was so nice to see my lovelyyy best franddd again after 2 whole months :)))) 🥰🥰🥰
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    Scout Higgins

    Love love love

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    both building and lady....GORGEOUS!

    Alex Woolley

    Ah thank you hahaha

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  • Day72

    Lucarno Lake

    July 20 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    I had a slow morning and went to the pharmacy for my urchin cuz my toe was hurtin and my dad also made me. Then took a pretty train ride to Lake Locarno and went swimminggggg. Water was warm and the mountains surrounded the whole lake so very beautifullll.

    Was in the hostel kitchen about to cook dinner this mum came in and asked if I wanted the rest of her risotto for dinner because she had made to much. Free meal and didn’t have to eat tomato pasta for the second night in a row :) Travel tip : start to cook at the end of fam dinner time. Time ranges between 7-8pm.

    I did quite the well done packing job on my bag so quite proud of myself for that one. (The standard for packing is quite low since I’ve added my hiking boots).

    I’m on da train 2day to Paris🥖💋💅 In Strasbourg rn💪🏼

    Also peep the cute hostel I was in ☺️🥹
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    Helen Kirkup

    Well I hope your toe stops hurting with your new black goop for it. Hope you've been practicing your French while you're on the train,

    Alex Woolley


    Scout Higgins

    So pretty!

    Scout Higgins

    You’re on the train and I’m on the plane ✈️ see you soon xx

  • Day70

    Monte Brè

    July 18 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Popped on the hiking boots and went up to Monte Brè on a funicular and did a walk to Alpe Bolla. I went with Sofia who is from Finland and we had met that morning and got things for breakfast at the supermarket so left quite late. She was quite speedy up the hills and I thought I was quite a good hill walker but I got a bit showed up. I always blame it on the asthma though x

    For me hiking is like eating veggies as a kid- I used to complain so much but I actually really like it now 🙄🥰

    Then we went swimming in the lake. It was way less saltier than Croatia so it was weird to actually have to swim to stay afloat but being back in after such a tiring walk was the only thing that got me home.

    My body is quite sore but I had a good day :)
    I saw so many cows too and they all had bells !
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    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    sounds like a great day! itz amazing who u meet on your travels!

  • Day69

    Lake Lugano

    July 17 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    I took the train to Lugano and am staying at a cute hostel. Shops weren’t open on Sunday 🙄 so I had to buy dinner and found some pizza al taglio and ate in front of the lake where there was some festival with quite weird shouty music but with the prettiest sunset <3Read more

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    that is such a sweet sunset!

  • Day69

    Leaving Roma😓

    July 17 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Today I am going to France to work ! - via Lugano for 3 nights and then meeting Scout in Paris for 4 nights :) … and then I will finally head to Luz , south of Toulouse to work haha.

    Sara and I have been travelling together for 2 and a half months now so it will be weird separated :/

    Arrivederci for now x

    Also I have never seen as many tomatoes in my life as I did this weekend at Nonna’s.
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    Scout Higgins

    See you soon my love!!

    Alex Woolley

    Cannot wait ahhhh

  • Day64

    Korčula island

    July 12 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We caught a 2 hour ferry from Dubrovnik to Korčula island. I think it was where Marco Polo was born or grew up or something. It is a beautiful island and we had the best two days there :)

    We went swimming and Sara was climbing up the ladder and the screws were loose so she fell back into the water while still holding on. It was hilarious and she was okay. We had no idea what to do with the ladder after though , that sought of thing has not been very common to happen to us. Then , not even 10 minutes I jumped on a sea urchin so I’ve been putting my foot in vinegar since being back at Sara’s Nonna’s today and yesterday. Quite an eventful swim. But the water was so so nice. Very salty too.

    We met with our two friends we’ve known since high school (but from a different schools) and we hung out with them the whole time. There is a blurry photo of us because it was a Live Photo and I had to freeze it. We all just laughed the entire trip.

    We had the longest day getting back because we read the ferry time wrong and missed it , so missed our flight and then had to get another flight (rip my savings and the hours I worked for that) and that one got delayed by 5 hours. So much went wrong that day that we could only laugh so we spent the whole day so tired and completely delirious.
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    Merryn Anderson

    Oh no hope it wasn’t your sting ray foot!

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    haahaa.... wot did she do with the ladder?? and the sea urchin sounds painful!!

    Meg Anderson

    Wow, looks like a beautiful place!

  • Day61

    More from Dubrovnik

    July 9 in Croatia ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    It is so beautiful here. The 1st and 4th picture is the view from our hostel balcony at sunset. The others are from around the coast. Sara is so strong that she took the hinges off of her locker 💪🏽 :). We got the best yoghurt for brekkie from the cafe next to the hostel and went back there every morning for the same thing. The waitress was so nice and by the end of our 3 day stay she literally just knew our order.

    We went to Bellevue beach and did some rock jumps and went back there everyday. The water was so salty so you could just float and was quite cold actually. We got a FaceTime from Rosa (- the girl from Copenhagen who is in Sydney to right now with Scout who is about to fly to Europe) while we were at the beach so that was funny timing and weird to see her at home.

    The two people working at the hostel were actually doing a workaway where they would stay for free and then work 5 hours a day at the hostel. They were from Poland and had been here a month. They were so nice and fun to be with so we spent sometime with them and now have someone to see if we ever go there ! They introduced us to the stray cat living next to the hostel who they named Otto and told us about his girlfriend too.

    The hostel had no kitchen for guests but they did for the workers so that night they invited us to have dinner with them and a guy from Malaysia - Faris who was very nice and made us Malaysian porridge. Kasia and I chopped up the vegetables and Faris cooked. It was very yummy and we all sat around talking and telling stories :)
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    Merryn Anderson

    We loved Dubrovnik too. So picturesque with the wall overlooking the harbour

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    that looks like thee best breakfast! no wonder u ordered it 3x days in a row!

    Be Yeo-Bradshaw

    this could be one of the little inlets near Bondi... Tamarama.... or one of those tiny bays...

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