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  • Day8

    I did have to taunt him ..

    September 23, 2019 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    Ok , my sins my not be minor , but no need to rub it in by giving me a flat this morning .. taking the Piss or what !

    For the record Paddy didn’t snore last night , but he did flick the remote on at some stage and scared the bejasus out of me .. he then woke as I tried to pry it from his hand

    Me in boxers , Anita I’ll pay for the therapy ..

    Magic spin, Komoot challenged us to go off-road
    We took the challenge once .. we were a bit nervous .. but Tis all good , Pdiddy wasn’t happy , went to Google , may have captured the pic ☺️

    Coastal route was amazing , sea sun and surfers . In my mtb gear I fitted right in , casual nods , virtual high fives ..(none really ) Paddy looked like an elite athlete so stuck out ..

    Lunch was great , we declined the 10% down gradient after cos we knew we’d have to come back up as would our lunch

    It was v hot and I may have got a tad burnt both by Paddy on the road and the sun .. long sleeves for me tomorrow , 🥵

    Savage climb to our hotel , my garmin died at 87k like me really , at the start of the hills .. there were great descents too but you know what goes down must come up , talking cycling here potty minds 🙄

    Dinner was fab as were the deserts , even Paddy had one !!

    So sore and stuffed . Watching hits of 1984 on the TV , hard to believe George Michael was gay , he was giving it holly in Careless Whisper .. Beyoncé was hot back then .. but weren’t we all 😎😂🕺

    Got to go and soften my earplugs .. hilly tomorrow but Paddy reckons he will be like Niall’s donkey coming back off the Gap of Donloe ... mad for road for his spiritual home ... Alvor

    He can feck off I’ll see him there 🤷‍♂️
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