• Day1

    A day in Bryce Canyon

    October 12, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

    If you go to Escalante, do not miss a meal a Devil’s Garden. Kind of upscale, southwestern food. Very yummy.

    The weather report for today was cool and sunny, so we decided to go to Bryce Canyon. We had been there years ago with the kids and remembered it as very nice. But still we were wowed by the hoodoos and all the formations. It was just gorgeous. Joe and I walked a 3 mile loop, Queen’s Garden merging with Navajo Loop. Maybe not so long in distance, but enough elevation gain to get the cardio going (total of about 700 feet, all at the end on switchbacks). As we were climbing to the top, we were with a Japanese couple who didn’t speak any English. They were clearly trying to ask us how old Joe was, and didn’t believe me when I put up 8 fingers and a zero with my thumb and second finger. Then they shook his hand, bowed their heads, and made a big fuss, all in Japanese, though, so I couldn’t understand it. After a lunch at Bryce Point, we took the 15 mile drive along the park, stopping at all the lookouts and soaking in the views. All in all, it was a very exhilirating day. Snow on the highest points made it just a little bit more beautiful!Read more