• Day20

    Visiting "good old home"

    June 18, 2020 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    On the way to Ingolstadt, we got completely wet as it rained all day. We stopped at a bakery in Eichstätt to wait for a dry window. But after 3.5 hours of waiting, coffee, tea, different types of bread and cake, it still rained. So we just went on cycling. When you know you can stay under a roof at night, it's actually not too bad.
    In Ingolstadt, we took a few days break to catch up with friends and family (and dry everything again after the rain). It was really good to see everyone and share stories!!
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    Jim Cochran

    It’s raining her too, but we would rather be there with you! 😀

    Elisa Köppl

    Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Abendessen mit weiteren Geschichten! 😊👌🏻 Gute Reise euch weiterhin!

    CundA aus NY

    Zwei Kinder schaukeln das Boot über'n Teich...