• Day29

    Day 29 - Beach Day

    March 8, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    A short entry for today seeing as we spent the hours of 11am-6pm at the beach sitting in a cute cabana at a bar and catching up on Broadchurch/The Crown/Horse Racing things whilst drinking and eating enough to keep our spot (approx £25 all day). Some interesting/amusing things from the day:

    - We took 2 taxis and neither scammed us. This is a rarity in Vietnam.
    - We spotted a man asleep on top of a lying down buffalo. Flat out. Sadly we were in the non-scamming taxi and I couldn't get my camera out quickly enough.
    - The cabana opposite ours had a dog in it for a good hour living the life.
    - Matt went for a swim at the same time as a large group of Vietnamese men ran into the sea and started doing somersaults. All were in trousers, some were wearing jeans.
    - The Homestay gave me a rose for International Women's Day.
    - It's become a general theme in Vietnam that all components of a meal don't arrive at once, generally it has taken 15-20 minutes to get both our mains and sides out.
    - Matt's dinner involved triple carbs - rice, noodles and bread.

    I reckon that's about it. We had a lovely meal, albeit with the triple carb action, and walked back home to pack. Tomorrow is another cooking class (wahoo) and another sleeper train (less wahoo)
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