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  • Day99

    Last day in WA

    March 8, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    I took it very calm this morning. Packing the last stuff, give away the stuff I don’t need anymore. Leaving is hard, especially when you had a good time!
    It’s actually already halftime of my trip! So crazy, how can it be that I am already traveling for over 3 months?!
    Time is passing by fast when you have a good time and that I definitely had so far!

    After I checked-our from the campground I went to a beach nearby.
    Obviously, everyone had the same idea today as it was really hard to find a place to park the car. I could have known it, it’s Sunday today and really nice weather so everyone is enjoying some time at the beach or on the grass in the shade of some trees closed to the beach. I was deciding for some shade, don’t need to burn my back again.

    I was laying down and ready for a while or just sitting around and watching the people passing by.
    Around 1 pm I went back to my car as I decided to fuel up one more time and then go to check-in to my hotel for tonight. As I have a super early flight tomorrow, at 5.20 am 😳😴 I already a few months ago booked a hotel as it’s nicer to stay in your own room when you have to get up so early.

    After checking-in I dropped off my bags in my little flats, it’s definitely more a flat than a room, and I had lunch before I went to the airport to drop off my car. So sad, as I will miss the flexibility it gave me!
    I was actually driving 5319 km with it in 24 days! 😳
    I wasn’t expecting it to get so much from the beginning.

    Luckily my hotel has a free airport shuttle so when I was done I could give them a call and a driver came to pick me up and drive me back to the hotel. As well I booked a shuttle to the airport for tomorrow morning at 4 am.

    The rest of the evening I was just relaxing and watching some tv, it’s a while ago I did that the last time 😉

    I tried to go to bed early but I had hard to fall asleep and also didn’t sleep so well at all.
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