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  • Day103

    Day 3 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Another early morning for me. Same routine today as the other days.
    Also today the owner came with something to eat for us.

    I started to get to know the horses more and more and also the paddocks and other stuff.
    I always try to clean up the stuff, take care of the wash and roll up all bandages so the others don't need to worry about these kinds of stuff.
    Tracey and Jack left around 11 am to go to the race with Pepper, the only existing Pacer with Ready Cash as a farther.
    It didn’t go good for her, it’s was her first race and everything went wrong. So she galloped from the start.
    Next time!

    We got ready around 1 pm today and Marika and I got the chance to take a little nap after lunch before it was time again to go out in the stable to fix the horses for the races today.

    We are taking with us Pinky and Ally. Ally got a little tie-up on Tuesday after training, I fixed her and told the guys that she is walking strange and felt a bit hard in her muscles, so I gave her a quick massage.

    So we were a little bit unsure how she gonna be today, though everything was ok with her yesterday and in the morning today.

    Around 2.45 pm we left the farm with Anton. It took us just around an hour to get to Maryborough Racetrack. It’s really warm here, around 30 degrees! Soo nice! It’s so ich colder in Ballarat than it was on the west coast the last couple of weeks, so I am usually freezing a lot here 😬

    Same today as yesterday, load off the stuff and horses and let them have a wee.
    We were pretty early so we had some time to watch some races before we started to fix the horses. We met Marika’s friend Abbey with whom we were celebrating the new year last time I was visiting Australia. So that was nice to see her again.

    Marika went first out with Pinky and after that with Dolly to warm them up. While I fixed the other horse ready for the warm-up/ race together with Anton.
    Pinky was really stressed and running over us a few times, but she did a really good race and was actually winning it very easy 🤗🤩
    She had to go to the doping test, and while Marika was gone with her, I fixed Dolly ready and even she did a really good race and got second! Anton was very pleased and happy.

    We fixed the horses and while they packed together the stuff I walked with them so they can dry and Pinky don’t get to stressed.
    We stopped on the way home to get some chips and beer as Anton wanted to celebrate today’s results with a beer on the way home 😉😂

    Back in the stable, he helped us to fix the horses and kicked out Dolly as she is sleeping outside. Marika and I went to Ballarat to get some food and had a nice evening before we went to bed around 9.30 pm.
    It has been a long day again.
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