• Day111

    Day 10 at Anton Golino Stable

    March 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    Pretty calm day today. Most horses were jogging or going on the treadmill.
    Marika went to the racetrack with Akky around 10.30 am and Anton will leave later in the afternoon with Owen to Ballarat Racetrack.

    Anton decided to not drive the one-year-olds today and to give them a break now for a couple of weeks/month. We kicked them all out together in a big field. Oh they were so happy 😊

    We were ready in the stable shortly past 12 o’clock. So we went inside and had lunch and watched Akkys race together shortly past 1 pm. He was winning super easy! 🥳
    After that, I was laying down a while to read a book.

    Marika got back here around 3 pm and we went to the stable at 4 pm to take in the horses and feet. Anton was fixing Owen on his own and left at 4.30 pm.

    We got done pretty fast and went back inside to shower and then watch the race from Owen. And even he was winning his race easy 🥳
    Really good day for the stable!

    The rest of the evening was pretty quiet.
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