• Day477

    Port Kayio

    August 5, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 28 °C

    So we have had a couple of nothing much days. After leaving Koroni we cruised to Kalamata where we stayed in a proper marina and managed to buy a lot of Gluten Free bread, none of it was his favourite but at least we found some. I am sure Kalamata must have some historical sites but apart from the churches we didn’t find anything. We did walk through the park and see lots of rolling stock on the old train lines and visit the town square, a large modern and very busy place. Lots of people walking, drinking chatting not much eating we nearly gave up but found somewhere on one of the side streets eventually. In Kalamata we tried to find some gas for our stove but no joy, this meant we left the marina fairly late about 11:30 and we headed straight to Limeni. Limeni is a fairly well sheltered bay just to the North of the Diros caves. Early this morning we set off to the caves arriving just after they opened. The cave system is 14,700 m long but the tourist route is only 1,500 m you are punted around for 1200 m and walk the remaining 300 m. There were loads of stalegmites and stalactites they were beautiful but I felt we were rushed around in the punt with 8 people in it and as it’s quite cramped both on the punt and in the caves and tunnels unless you are at the front you miss out on seeing everything. That said I have lots of photos. From the caves we headed around the Mani peninsula headland to tonight’s stop where I swam around the bay. The Maniot village architecture is quite distinctive almost all the buildings are stone and square with small window and arches, also a lot of the villages seem to be somewhat precariously balanced on the hillsides.Oh yes forgot to mention that on our way here we saw this narrow steep sided gulley and John decided to take the boat in much to the surprise of the fisherman on his rib already in there, the gulley was 70 ft deep.Read more