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  • Day55

    Lunch @ Meatza Wagon

    June 26, 2021 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 50 °F

    Following our hike, we walked back to the footbridge, crossed over the Kennicott River, and took the free shuttle into McCarthy. At the mercantile, we switched over to the McC/Kennecott shuttle for the 4½-mile drive on the road that was originally the railroad bed that connected the mill town with Cordova, the port town from which the copper ore was shipped to smelters in Tacoma.

    As we still had time before our tour, we decided to have lunch first.

    There are essentially two places where one can get a bite of food in Kennecott — the Kennecott Glacier Lodge and a food truck called the Meatza Wagon. We opted for the latter.

    It was still raining steadily, but the Meatza Wagon has a small covered area with a couple of picnic tables. The food was very tasty — again, expensive considering all we ate were a couple of sandwiches ... but you are out in the boonies of Alaska after all.

    I ordered the signature dish on their menu — the meatball sub. Mui got the Copper River salmon BLT. Both were excellent ... both served with kettle chips. We took our time over lunch, chatting with an Australian family ... traveling around Alaska as part of a longer trip to explore the USA ... possible only because they are currently living in Malaysia since Australia has completely shut its borders during the pandemic.
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