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  • Day10

    Las Vegas

    October 17, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    The night we were in Yosemite we froze the next night we were in Death Valley with the air con on.
    The next night we were in the desert very quiet with no one else now we are in Vegas and there are people in their millions everywhere.

    There is music, boom boom booming and loud speakers and jets, helicopters and sprukers, Trump Towers and daylight all night long, no surprise, that’s what happens here and as the saying goes what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, just as well, if too much of this s*#** seeps out we’re in trouble.

    It’s good to get to a place like this for the regular dose of crazies you usually meet traveling and Vegas has provided a few. As well as what are wandering the streets the businesses are providing some too.
    Trucks drive around with the usual Vegas Strip Clubs adds or call Tiffany Belle “she want to meet you now” lit up billboards but Vegas is definitely going upmarket now.

    My favourite one is for Zombi Showgirls that sounds like real class and the pic of the Zombi Stripper, well she’s a bit of a looker for a Zombi I suppose.
    I don’t know how it would work though, what happens, first she takes off her clothes then a arm or her head or something, see you would have to do something special or it wouldn’t be Zombi it would just be a normal strip show.
    Now I’ve seen The Walking Dead TV show and if you get bit by one of these buggers you turn into one of them and that’s a real worry. It would be bad enough having to eat other people but to do a strip act as well, well that would be a new low.

    We were real lucky we found a RV park right on “The Strip” in Vegas, part of the Circus Circus Hotel/Casino complex so you’re right amongst it all... constantly.
    It’s much more convenient, instead of having to walk out to enjoy all the tackiness and noise and sleaze we’re right in amongst it all, all the time, it’s so much easier that way.
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    jan brown

    The only thing its missing is a gun. That will be easy to find your way home after a night out boozing

    Noreen Stone

    Checked hip hip and hooray! Fun catching up on the 5 b,God blogs, fun. You are not spoilt for variety

    Noreen Stone

    Let’s start again, bent arthiritic finger went haywire. So to co to continue,

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