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    Camino Del Norte - Day 14

    June 23, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Camino Del Norte - Day 14

    Llanes to Ribadesella
    Distance 30km
    Total ascent 16om

    Last night, our little international group met in the town to look at the Cuba de la Memoria. This celebrates the history of seafaring.
    We then went to a Sideria bar to try the local cider. The waiter pours the cider from an arm's length into a glass. When they are bored of that, they give you an amazing machine which does the job. It was a lovely evening as Anna and David explained the Asturias culture.
    We were all set for another day on the Camino. Our little band set off at 6.30am in drizzle. The weather got progressively worse so it was one of the first time for jackets. We walked along the stunning coastline until we stopped around 9.45am for breakfast. There were already a number of pilgrims also waiting for the coffee. The doors open at 10am and we all charged in.
    By this time, we had walked 14km. We carried on the Camino passing through small villages and pausing to watch black kites and other birds of prey (don't ask me what they were). We also conversed in a mixture of English, Italien and Spanish. It was amazing as we all understood each other but to achieve this, we had to do charades and google translate.
    We finally arrived in Ribadesella at 1.45pm and found our pension for the night. I am sharing a room with one of the Italian guys Andrea.
    We immediately went out for our lunch and hoovered it up. A German lady on the next table to us in the restaurant was intrigued with the composition of our group and how we were enjoying each other's company.
    My walking shoes died today. I have worn the soles down to material n two weeks. There was no protection left in them. I am now the proud owner of Gucci green/grey Columbia walking shoes. They were the ONLY shoes in my size (13s). There were no clown shoes or barges left before you ask.

    Tomorrow is another 31.5km to Sebrayo.
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