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    Camino Del Norte - Day 13

    June 23, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Camino Del Norte - Day 13

    San Vicente De La Barquera to Llanes
    Distance 41km !!!! (8.5 hours)
    Total ascent 150m

    What a new day brings. I hadn't really planned where I was going to stop today but it certainly was not this place called Llanes. 41km later.
    I had a light breakfast in the Albergue at 6.30am and chatting to two Italians guy I met In another albergue. The usual question where are you walking today, I answered casually 'oh, where my feet take me'.
    We set off with a young Spanish couple and were soon walking at a blistering speed. By 9.30am, we were in a town called Colombres which was the end of the section in the guidebook. We carried on.
    They were a lovely group and we had a great time chatting away in limited English and my even more limited Spanish.
    We clearly enjoyed each other's company and the kilometers raced past until the last 10kms. We were very tired but carried on. We arrived in Llanes absolutely exhausted. Thankfully, one of the guys rang ahead and booked us into this fantastic Albergue.
    We went for a meal before going to the Albergue as we were starving. It was fantastic. We have a Pergrinos bond and the meal was fantastic.
    Admin completed as soon as we got to the Albergue. Blogs done, I am off for a nap.

    Hasta luego.
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