• Day79

    Las Penitas

    March 16, 2017 in Nicaragua ⋅ ⛅ 33 °C

    Like you can see in the pictures also for me the sun doesn't always shine in paradise. I was pretty disappointed that things didn't work out like I thought they would with my job in Leon. I didn't really know where to go now and how to spend the next weeks. On the one hand that's of course a great feeling. But I had planned with leaving Nicaragua mid april wich would have worked out perfectly with meeting my friend Alena in Panama end of april. Now I felt lost. Should I just try to find a cheap place somewhere at the beach and keep on surfing? Should I try to find another volunteering position? Or should I just keep on going south taking my time and if it doesn't work out with meeting Alena it just wasn't supposed to happen?
    I went to Las Penitas to check out the surf so when I got there I tried to find someone who could tell me a bit about the spot and when and where to go best. I talked to one guy at my hostel but he wasn't really helpful. So I went to the beach and asked a guy carrying a surfboard and he said "Best time is now and you go in right here!" and he ran of in the water. I watched him and some other guys in the lineup for a while. The waves were pretty big and inconsistent with different peaks. And everybody surfing was pretty advanced. So I got intimidated and didn't even get me a board. So I ended up changing back and forth between the beach and the hammock trying to make a decision what to do next.
    I decided I would definitely go to Estelì the next day and do the Somoto Canyon Tour with Chuck and his friends. And as I still had the feeling I left the Rapture Surf Camp to early I figured I would just go back there for a few days and see from there. If I could make it there till Tuesday I would even make it to see Kim again before she was heading home Wednesday morning.
    Regarding the volunteering I had realized that it's probably a lot better to just ask directly at any hostel I really like once I'm there if they are looking for volunteers. Not again would I want to show up and see something not meeting my expectations at all again.
    I almost didn't talk to anybody that day. But after I had made this decision I went to a little roof top bar at the beach and watched the sunset. Which was cloudy but still supernice. And my mood finally cleared up a little...
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