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  • Day11

    Day 11 - From Nin to Turnaj

    August 10 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    We woke up early around 6:30am, packed our stuff and went back to Nin, where we found a good Pekara (bakery) and a nice coffee place for breakfast. 🥐🥖🥨☕️ Since it was already hot in the morning, we decided then to go to a beach for a swim before I wanted to head off by myself. Since I planned to couchsurf at a girls' place in Trogir on Saturday, I head to complete some kilometers that day. The water was much (!) colder than in previous days but refreshing. 🥶 😅 Heike and me where chatting for almost two hours when we then decided to cycle back to Zadar together.
    In Zadar, we went back to the bike shop I've been to the previous day to get Heike's bike checked. In the meantime, we had a stroll around Zadar. After an hour I hit the road down south by myself without having a fixed destination. I also wasn't sure whether I should wild camp for the first time by myself or search for a camp ground. The road wasn't that great, I followed the main coast highway, mostly without a bike lane and a lot of traffic. Shortly before the village Turanj, I saw a dirt road going off the main road into an olive tree yard on a hill. Following it I found a great place to wild camp without neighbours but sea views. Since it was too early to set up my tent yet, I cycled into Turanj, went for a swim and a shower, and cooked dinner at the beach. :) I then headed back to my spot. Since it was quite windy (during the previous night I woke up many times because of the wind flapping my tent.. I didn't attach it properly thinking it wasn't windy and thus not necessary), I properly set the tent up this time in a spot covered by bushes.
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