• Day30

    The buffet to beat all others - Nin

    April 30, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Next stop is the biggest campsite yet, probably the largest that we’ll visit...and with two little pairs of legs, it takes an age to get aywhere on this site.

    We also have the largest aqua park we’ve see too...luckily some of the pools are heated so the kids have a whale of a time - Amelia going up and down the same water slide a million times, Coen running through (and into!) the water jets in the splash park.

    I’m excited that there’s an actual adult volleyball match...unfortunately as the site is so big we don’t make it to the pitch in time and miss it!!

    There is a lovely (man made) sandy beach stretching along the waterfront, although we find the sand is a little mud as suddenly the children’s clothes are no longer clean!!

    By far the best thing about our stop here (and the reason we stay another day) is the buffet!! (Not really the reason but was worth the extra night!). Now I’m not usually a fan, and when Nic spotted it, I was dubious. Luckily, however I didn’t need to worry about the usual buffet ‘dodgy’ food. This was 5-star buffet dining!

    Much to Nic’s joy, there was freshly cooked steaks, beef, lamb, pork, chicken, fresh local fish, tuna, mussels, salad and a whole lot more, including wine and beer. Amelia, who loves mussels managed to tuck away 3 plates full which amused nearby tables. We all made the most of the feast to say the least and felt like we didn’t need to eat for a week by the time we left Nin!!
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    Alan Bond

    Looks yummy xxx no mussels here on d'Oleron wrong season but lots of fishy dishes