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  • Day32

    Airport bound - Trogir

    May 2, 2019 in Croatia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    We arrive on this cliff-side site just along the road from historic Trogir and are greeted by beautiful views of the Adriatic, dotted with the many Croatian islands that this coast is famous for, and enjoy a lovely BBQ, as Coen is entertained by the planes that fly over a couple of times an hour. Amelia gets a peak at the pool (another cold one though as the forecast for this weekend is not looking good).

    At this point, Sarah needs to make a quick trip home to visit her mum, who has had an operation, so the only alarm of the trip is set to get her to the airport.

    Morning of the flight, we suddenly wake up very quickly when we hear what sounds like rain, but it is more like a waterfall...Amelia has woken up, fallen back to sleep and weeing in her sleep...and somehow has created a fountain that is landing just inches from her brother’s head on the bunk below!! So Nic not only has to entertain the children for the weekend but now also has added laundry to do too ;-)

    Luckily too, we’ve chosen a site on the side of a hill which means every hundred yards or so there are sheer drops to the next level (luckily some are more gentle slopes and there are mainly soft landings!).

    So Nic’s got the children, for a few days, with a cold pool, sheer cliff edges and not great weather, well at least he has Gin!

    Really not much to report - we got the hammock and slack line out a couple of times in between the rain. A brief walk with Amelia on her scooter and Coen in the pushchair to the next village which resulted in a very quick play in the park and a beer for Nic - but no ice cream to be found - still too early in the season to put ice cream in the freezer apparently!!

    Met quite a few other English people for one of the first times being away, funny as most had flown over for a week’s holiday and here we are not remembering what day it is. There are couple of other English full-time motor-homers - one couple had been away for 6 years living the dream!

    Of course the visit here wouldn’t be complete if Coen hadn’t taken Amelia’s scooter and casually glided off the edge of one of those sheer drops down a three foot drop into a lavender bush - a foot either side and the landing would not have been so nice...or smelt so good!

    When I return back to site (after the most expensive 8 minutes in a taxi I’ve ever had!) we decide to take the little taxi boat from the campsite to Trogir, Amelia even got to take control for a while - she loved it! Trogir is a lovely little town with worn cobbles stones which millions of people must have been over. Like many of the old towns we visit, there are so many beautiful churches packed inside the old city walls,

    As we return to the site, the other English motorhomes are planning to find and pick some mussels for the next days lunch, so Nic learns a little about how to do it and more importantly the preparation and then helps gather a small feast with them. So to avoid the sandy crunchiness the the key is, depending on exactly where you find them (no sand in Croatia) is to filter them in fresh water! To be tried later in our trip...

    The children don their wetsuits to test the pool - Coen’s still not convinced even with a wetsuit...’cold!!’. Amelia has finally met some actual English friends that she can talk, so enjoys playtime, another dodgy disco and actual 4 yr old conversation!

    As we leave, we see the site have just completed a new play park, that puts the rusty seesaw to shame, one of those new ones with all the Nic’s total disbelief after being stranded with no play area for 6 days!
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    Alan Bond

    Sounds like Nic had his hands full, glad Coen is ok after his scooter adventure. Lovely photos of lovely people and beautiful places xxx