• Day19

    It'all Greek to me!

    September 4 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 27 °C

    Thanassi takes us for a drive around Athens.
    Parliament house.
    Changing of the guards, (an event takes place on a Sunday)

    We go to Constitution Hill. Where the Greeks fought to keep their independence. He takes us by everything but mostly speaks to Athena in greek so I miss a lot of information.

    Athena chats-
    Thanassi takes us to a restaurant in the Palaia called Salty. The restaurant overlooks the bay with yachts & lots of poor people. Thanassi tells us he'll have to go and collect his family so they can join us for dinner.

    We take a couple of selfies so we are happy. The waiter brings us a bottle of wine and a beautiful Greek salad.

    Thanassi arrives back and we are introduced to his wife Linda, daughters Marina & Konstadina.
    They are happy to see me after so many years so the 'Greek speak' begins.

    The waiter brings us two beautiful platters of baked snapper. It was delicious. We both await the next course but it never arrives.
    We secretly look at each other thinking where's the rest thanks!!!

    Thanassi is ready to take us back to the hotel so all 6 adults get into a little Toyota (very funny). We say goodbye to the girls and we proceed to the hotel.

    Thanassi has taken us out for the evening with his family to a seafood restaurant. But not before showing us the sites. He let's me out at the original Olympic stadium and we stop to watch the guards march in their wonderful costumes. Doing a funny walk, or so I thought.
    We drive around the massive Port with the enormous liners.

    The sky is turning a light blue and the white buildings glow alongside the sky. Very pretty coastline.

    The twinkling lights shine.
    Thanassi collects his wife Lena and 2 daughters. Marina and Konstantina. We have baked whole snapper and salad drenched in olive oil and it is devine.
    The olive oil here is light and sits like a coating on your tongue.
    Lena is 32 and is currently assisting her father in his lawyers office, she is a cancerian and quiet. I tell her she is soft inside and hard on the outside. She agrees. Marina is 30 and tells me my name is Greek. I say I know. It means defender of men and derives from Alexander. Martina is a lawyer like her father. She is bright and speaks English well. I ask her to jot down places for us to walk to on Friday.
    I like her as we both talk a lot.

    A lemon drizzle cake and cream arrives. Yummo
    Thanassi cannot have as he has diabetes. Only medicine and diet. I say my father is a type 2 and is on daily insulin injections. So I understand.

    It is 10pm, Everyone has to work in the morning and we have to go tour the Meteora tomorrow. So it's home time.
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