• Day35

    North Sea

    July 19, 2016 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    Woke to a smidge of blue sky, but before we left to have breakfast in Hamburg, the skies were grey and gloomy again 😕. Oh well, I guess that is Summer in northern Germany for you? But I did have my lovely flowers to brighten the gloomy skies. Thanks Nats 😙

    We made our way north for lunch at St Peter Ording. Guess what..... The sun came out in full force. Must be my birthday 😊

    Along the way, lots more wind turbines ... Obviously very windy up there. Little villages and farms, veggie fields, horses, cows and sheep.

    Gückstadt is located on the right bank of the Lower Elbe at the confluence of the small Rhin river. Glückstadt was founded in 1617 and it's name translates to English literally as "Luck City" or "Fortune City". As Christian IV promised the settlers tax exemption and freedom of religion, Glückstadt soon became an important trading centre, intended to compete with the Imperial city of Hamburg, located upstream on the Elbe.

    Came home to balloons and delicious homemade Nutella cheesecake... With candles 😊 Lucky Noah was there to help blow then out...

    Tomorrow we start the last leg of our wonderful trip. We head for Berlin with Matt and Claire before we head home on Saturday.
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