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  • Day825

    Krempe, Germany

    September 29 in Germany

    There is no beautiful lake, forest or bay framed by our windscreen. Instead we can see 3 piles of broken tarmac, heaped as high as our heads and blocking access to the official motorhome stellplatz. We are in Krempe, in Germany, having crossed the border from Denmark this morning on our way towards the Netherlands. Despite it being a Saturday the fenced off playing field to our right is empty.

    We've covered a decent distance so Vicky doesn't feel like going out to explore and chooses instead to try and make arrangements for visiting people when we return to the UK in November as well as doing some internet shopping that we can pick up when we get back. Will has more energy and takes a saunter into town. Krempe is a small place and whilst it hasn't the colourful thatched cottages if Denmark the brown brick townhouses are embellished with patterns made from angled bricks. When combined with a cobbled mainstreet they make for an attractive scene.
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  • Day736

    Wadden Sea National Park

    July 2 in Germany

    Today we are enjoying our second day on a free grassy pitch at Südwesthörn, within the Wadden Sea World Heritage site, just 14km away from the Danish border. Aided by the constant wind at this coastal spot, the temperature has cooled to a comfortable level for Poppy, never rising above 23°C in the van.

    The 80km journey here was shorter than the ones we'd made on previous days, but nearing our destination country of Denmark, we felt we could slow down a little and enjoy soaking up the sights that go towards defining Germany. For us, the following epitomise this part of the country: getränkehausen (drinks supermarkets that are stacked high with crates of beer), an abundance of high quality, interconnected cycle paths, flyers advertising flohmarkts (flee markets), flat fields growing sweetcorn and grain, arrays of wind turbines, well maintained parks and roadsides, as well as freibads (open air swimming complexes) in towns and signs directing you to badestelle (wild swimming spots) on rivers, lakes and at the coast.

    After several kilometres on a narrow rural lane, past tractors harvesting hay, we arrived at Südwesthörn. Four vans were already occupying the dedicated 'grasscrete' pitches but we pulled up alongside, front on to some sort of water processing building and facing away from the 5m high dyke separating the site from the North Sea.

    We took a wander up the steps and peaked over to find a sloping grass bank with large white wicker boxes that folded out to provide sheltered seaside seating. We'd previously seen them for hire at resorts but here they appeared to be free for anyone to use. The tide was out a long way, exposing an extensive area of mudflats, that were sectioned off by wooden fences into 'fields'. This was part of the conservation element of the Heritage Site; providing habitats for wading birds who came from the far north and south. Further along, these mud fields had been colonised by grass, the salt water draining out via straight sided channels dug into the earth, the more mature areas were grazed by flocks of sturdy looking sheep.

    Vicky was pretty tired so spent the afternoon reading while Will repurposed a couple of strips of leatherette from the old bench cushion, sewing them together to make a container for our awning straps and pegs, before getting to work fixing the bathroom door handle that was a bit loose. Maybe Vicky should relax more often 😉

    Later on we had a short wander and ate sild und brötchen (pickled herring on a bread roll) and eis (ice cream) at the little imbiss nearby. When the tide came in Will joined a few others for a dip in the small estuary where bathing facilities had been provided. The following day we rode the tandem along the good quality concrete cycle track and walkway that ran adjacent to the dyke. We managed nearly 9km before deciding to turn back, but if we had carried on for another 5km, we would have reached Denmark! Because the track ran one side of the dyke or the other, we either got a view of the fields of crops inland or the mudflats and reclaimed sheep fields to the seaward side. Looking past these there was a far off sea with grey silhouettes of an island archipelago, reflected in the water. Greylag geese flew overhead while small flocks of Starlings fed amongst the sheep. Striking black and white Oyster Catchers called out with their bright orange beaks and we eventually remembered the name of the Lapwings that strutted regally at a safe distance, occasionally taking to flight and exposing the white underside of their wings. After a rest back at the van, Will once again enjoyed a swim, then got to work making summer fruits jam with goosberries, redcurrants and strawberries.

    Because both of us have had appointments with the doctor in the UK, we've needed to change our travel plans and have spent a lot of time looking forward, thinking about where would be best to visit, so much so in fact, that the 2nd anniversary of us leaving our home in Netherton completely passed us by! It was the 27th June 2016 when we posted the keys back through our letterbox and we've been on the road ever since! We can't quite believe the time has gone so quickly, but would certainly agree with the saying 'time flies when you are having fun'! We feel very lucky to be able to live the life we do and hope to enjoy the next three years touring, just as much as the last two!
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  • Day781

    For tonight's stopover we have found ourselves a grassy parkplatz in Northern Germany. 8 weeks ago
    Will was referred for a colonoscopy, so we altered our original itinerary (which would have seen us in Estonia now) and instead chose a country closer to the UK. After making several phonecalls to various hospital employees, we found out this morning that there was an appointment available on the 25th, in 9 days. We did a quick distance check (750 miles between us and Orpington) and accepted the slot. After a last wild swim in Denmark we ate lunch and hit the motorway. As things stand, we are planning just a few days in Orpington before returning to Denmark and exploring Funen and Zealand, the large islands to the east of the Jutlandic peninsula we've enjoyed exploring so much.

    Arriving at the parkplatz in the late afternoon, there wasn't another car in sight and with the exception of two short-stay visitors, it has remained that way since. Over the road is Arenholzer See bathing area. The lake had a small amount of blue green algae, but needless to say Will enjoyed a swim, as well as brushing up on his German with the locals!
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  • Day802

    It's our last day in Germany for a while and we are spending the night on Fehmarn; an island linked to the mainland via the Fehmarn Sound Bridge. We've found a car park at Presen beach. It's handy because it is only 10km away from the Puttgarden ferry, which is booked to take us to Rødbyhavn in Denmark tomorrow morning. The square gravel parking area is bordered by grass and a mix of young trees. These provide some protection from the blustery sea breeze infusing the air with a salty tang. A short walk away is a grassy dyke and beyond it, the blue waters of the Fermer Bælt and Strand Presen; a narrow stoney beach.

    It is a seasonable 22° and when we arrive Vicky and Poppy sit outside while Will swims. The sea is warmer than the lakes and freibad he's recently swum in, but the stones are sharp and he returns with cuts on his feet. There are a few other vans and a steady flow of cars in and out of the car park although it never gets to the point where it could be described as busy. Pleasant as this spot is, we are excited about crossing over to Denmark. We had a great time on the Danish peninsula of Jutland in July and August and are looking forward to exploring its islands.
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  • Day735

    Our journey over the flatlands of Germany's northern peninsula was a lot more straightforward than yesterday's long slog through diversions and jams. Although we are passing large industrial conurbations, the land outside these is becoming less densely populated. Tall white wind turbines rotating slowly over fields of corn are a common sight.

    Nearing our destination in time for a late lunch, a cut through the dyke gave us access to an area of grass and gravel. Four other motorhomes were already parked in this free stellplatz and we manoeuvred Martha into the ample space left between two of them. As the grassy dyke surrounding us indicated, we were within the flood plain and after lunch we wandered a few hundred metres along a meadow track to Badestelle Wollersum (Wollersum bathing place) on the River Eider. An open air shower and foot washing tap stood near a wooden jetty, at the end of which a ladder gave easy access to the river. The water was low, exposing the rich grey silt on this tidal estuary. Footprints evidenced some intrepid water lover's muddy path, but we didn't fancy it and had the luxury of time to wait for the tide to come in, giving us a direct passage into the water.

    It was peaceful in the stellplatz and come late afternoon, Will donned his swim shorts and went for a swim. Vicky followed with the camera and dipped her toes in from the ladder, the bottom of which was now submerged. Will could see she was tempted and managed to persuade her to fetch her bikini, and soul cap to join him. The silt that had spent the day baking in the sun was now releasing its warmth to the water that flowed over it. Sediment clouded the river but the feeling of wild swimming under the blue sky was exhilarating. Being an estuary approaching high tide, the salt water was surging upstream in the centre of the channel while the fresh water was pushed to the sides as it made its course downstream. We attempted to swim to the other bank, but the incoming tidal flow was too strong and we turned back, striking out for our own shore once again. After a quick shower we walked back to the van, tired but very happy.
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  • Day801

    Reinfeld Stellplatz

    September 5 in Germany

    Martha Motorhome sits between a German van and a timber framed vending hut on a trailer. We are at the stellplatz within Reinfeld's brick cobbled car park and have indulgently invested €1 in 1KW of electric hookup to run our plug-in fan and cool the interior from a sweltering 28°C. Poppy definitely approves!

    A bathing place at a nearby lake offers a small jetty, beach and grass to lay on if you pay the €1.70 entry fee. Will intended to do so, but found it closed due to blue-green algae. He did the test of standing knee deep in the water and the bloom wasn't so thick he couldn't see his feet so he took his chances and went for a dip. The town is just a short walk away but Vicky wasn't feeling very energetic so we just relaxed in the van.
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  • Day449

    Kaltenkirchen Stellplatz

    September 18, 2017 in Germany

    Leaving Flensburg and continuing on our journey south towards Luxembourg we stopped in at Aldi. We'd missed Aldi and Lidl in Sweden and were happy to return to their semi-familiar layout and reassuringly affordable prices. We were not so happy when Vicky dropped and broke her phone on the way out. It was a refurbished one that Will's sister had kindly brought over when she visited us in June. It hadn't been reliable so in the end we decided there was little point in getting it fixed and that the best thing to do was to raid the bank and buy a new one.

    We stayed at a free stellplatz near a water therme park that night. The area was broken up into sections by hedges and bordered with trees on one side and a main road on the other. It was nice enough but despite Will's best efforts our mood was still subdued.
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  • Day448

    Flensburg, Germany

    September 17, 2017 in Germany

    After travelling down mainland Denmark, we made it to the German border and stopped shortly afterwards in the city of Flensburg. The stellplatz wasn't the most scenic of spots, close to a sewage processing plant, looking out on a factory and a mountain of coal. It was packed with about 20 other vans but it was at the end of a road so there was no traffic. The footpath that passed it was lined with grass where it continued along the waterside and it was interesting to watch the leisure boats coming and going in the marina down the bank.

    The major advantage was the easy access to Flensburg city centre, just a few kilometres away. There was a cycle track for most of the route so after a little rest, we took the tandem in for a 'City Sunday'. Being Germany, almost everywhere was shut but that meant fewer people which was good for us! We locked the bike to a stand at the harbour and walked passed some rich wooden boats, gleaming in the sunshine.

    We'd spent many months in Norway and Sweden and to us, this area overflowed with shops and advertising. We'd begun to forget that so much commercialism existed! Flensburg was an attractive city, its wide, pedestrianised mainstreet lined with tall, light coloured stone buildings. We found a little café down a cobbled side street that had cushions for the wooden outdoor seating and served homemade cakes. We were happy to see a different selection to the standard cinnamon buns and custard pastries of Sweden (nice as they were) and took great delight in ordering and devouring a lemon cheese cake and a mango and pistachio cream cake with a chocolate biscuit base - yum! It also felt really good when Will fell back quite easily into speaking and understanding German. However, we had got so used to paying for everything by card that we hadn't yet got any euros out. It came as a bit of a shock when the café needed real money, but they were relaxed about Will nipping off to the nearest 'Geldautomat' to extract the cash.

    All of the shops may have been closed but at the far end of town a street fayre was underway. A few car boot stalls, hot drinks, apple pressing, music, games and a lively buzz made us smile. We'd missed stumbling upon events such as this.

    We got another shock when we came within centimetres of getting knocked off the bike on our way back. We were crossing a road with our lights on green when a car came at us from the side. There was nothing we could have done but luckily it was just a near miss.

    The following morning we returned to the city centre to visit the now open shops. We'd been in need of new clothes and a pair of shoes for a while but everything had seemed so expensive in Sweden and Norway that we'd resolved to wait until we were in Germany. Coming away with much of what we needed at a decent price, we were glad we'd made that decision.
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  • Day1

    Großenaspe, Deutschland

    July 16 in Germany

    Auf der Autobahn Richtung Norden fuhr Flo ruhig und mit viel Ausdauer, während ich aus den Reiseführern vorlas. Als es dunkel wurde, legten wir eine kurze Pause ein und Flo bereitete unsere erste Mahlzeit im Bus zu!
    Nach einer weiteren Etappe suchten wir uns einen Parkplatz. Hier werden wir nun die erste (gemütliche?) Nacht im Bus verbringen. 😊Read more

  • Day24

    The road leading home

    August 8 in Germany

    Morgens, bevor wir Schweden verließen, frühstückten wir noch am Sandstrand vor den Dünen. Ich konnte meinen Liebsten sogar noch zu einem Fotoshooting am Bus motivieren!
    Als wir eigentlich aufbrechen wollten, entdeckte ich noch einen Loppis/Second-Hand-Laden! 😍 Da konnte Flo nicht Nein sagen. Das hat er jedoch noch bereut, weil er - während ich mich durch das riesige Sammelsurium einer alten Frau wühlte - draußen in der Hitze im Bus wartete!
    Ich fand natürlich auch tolle Sachen, aber das Bezahlen war nicht so leicht, weil sie keine Euro nehmen wollte. Bis wir also Kronen aufgetrieben hatten und ich bezahlen konnte, waren 1.5 Stunden vergangen, die ich meinem Mann von seiner wertvollen Lebenszeit geraubt hatte - er war dementsprechend genervt - aber ich mit meiner Beute sehr zufrieden und glücklich! Hihi! 😊

    Nach dieser kleinen Verzögerung ging's dann doch endlich los. Bis Malmö, über zwei lange Brücken und einen Tunnel übers/durchs Meer, durch Dänemark und nach Deutschland. Unser letztes Ziel für die Reise: die Wacken Brauerei! Hier wurde ordentlich Bier "getankt" und kurz den Ort und das Festivalgelände von der Ferne besichtigt (Abbauarbeiten vom Festival in vollem Gange). Jetzt war auch ich mal in Wacken! 😉
    Als Abendessen gönnten wir uns zum ersten Mal in diesem Urlaub Fast Food von Burger King! Ein verrückter "gesunder" schwedischer Energydrink mit 200mg Koffein gab uns Aufschwung und so machten wir noch ein paar Meter!

    In der Nähe von Hamburg suchten wir uns einen Schlafplatz - auf die letzte Nacht im Camper! 😍
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