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  • Day17

    Whaling Station

    September 23, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    The whaling museum, incredible stories of the whole process of catching whales and cooking them to extract the oil. The Cheyne IV had been docked and is now a tourist attraction; had a good look around the ship, its incredible the small spaces these guys lived in. Rob, a volunteer who had worked on the last whaling ship said Mick had an incredible resemblance to one of the Captain’s – Christianson. Took a photo with Mick in profile, replicating the photo of the Captain, there is an incredible resemblance, except this guy had ear lobes. Mick reckons the nose is different too, perhaps but not that different.
    They had a 3D movie of whales in the ocean as well as other sea creatures – actually had to wear 3D glasses, a blast from the past. The movie was incredible, feeling like you could reach out and touch them.
    They also had whale skeletons, huge blue whale as well as others. Saw on one of the whales, what looks like broom bristles instead of teeth. The whale uses these to sieve its food from the water it takes in – very clever.
    We also visited their very sparse animal enclosure, with native animals kept in very small enclosures, quite cruel really. Got some great photos, all of them were sleeping in the midday sun.
    Then we took a walk through their native garden, got some great photos of the creeping banksia, amazing the different species of the same plant. Finally got some photos of yellow banksia’s (all the ones in the Fitzgerald River and Sterling National Parks had finished flowering by time we got there). Also got some great Kangaroo Paw and other flowers I hadn’t yet got.
    Took a look at the blow holes, however they were only blowing wind, no water sadly. Bloody steep walk back to the car park – 78 steps, plus the rest being uphill on a steep climb.
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