May 2017
  • Day8

    ATL! Last Post!

    May 16, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

    (6) What kind of influence will this trip have on you as a leader?
    From the first morning of cooking pancakes with my team to working at Front Step, this trip will always remind me that I cannot accomplish alone what I can accomplish with many. I could not have done any of our service projects on my own, and as a leader, I need to know that this will be the case for many things. I often have a tendency to take over a group project myself, but the teamwork I saw on this trip showed me that isn’t always the best course of action. Without the rest of my team, none of those jobs would have gotten finished. As a leader, I need to be willing to take help from those around me in order to get a job done, and I need to be grateful for that help.
    This trip will also remind me to remain open-minded about people I do not know. As I have mentioned in other footprints, some of the locations our team traveled to were not what we usually encounter in Winfield; however, I learned that just because an area may be rough does not mean there are not good people in it. Emma at Stenton Park was a prime example of a resident trying to better her neighborhood, and I will forever remember that, no matter where I go, there are always good, selfless people. Perception is not always reality.
    I am proud of my team for what we accomplished in Philadelphia, and I am thankful for the lessons I took back to Kansas with me. The team made this trip worthwhile, and I look forward to the next.

    The Ships have landed in Atlanta! This is my last Penguin Post until I start working on class submissions. So thankful for this trip and the wonderful relationships that grew while on this experience! Til next time service learning!
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  • Day7

    It's Day 7!

    May 15, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 63 °F

    (8) What did you learn on the field experiences that helped you understand Philadelphia better?
    While on the field experiences, I learned the efforts taken to make Philadelphia a better place. One of my favorite field experiences was the mural tour with Al, where we saw the freelance artwork that occurred simply to unify the city. I liked the one about homelessness with the black and white photographs, as I believe it had a strong message.
    At the Philadelphia Art Museum, I saw the Rocky steps, and began to learn how they serve as a place of strength for the city. Even watching the three members from our team travel up the steps, though humorous, hinted at the inspiration lying within the run. Those steps are a symbol of accomplishment after hard work, and I believe we encountered that in all of our service work.
    Ben Franklin’s museum showed me how innovative Ben Franklin was, and seeing the post office and library he founded was a testament to how strong of a leader he was, particularly in the city of Philadelphia. My favorite quote of his was “What good have I done today?”, mentioned in this footprint. His museum as well as Christ Church and his burial grounds spoke to his influence on the city; if he were not an incredible leader, they wouldn’t need to have things commemorating him.
    Philadelphia is a city rich in history and in the strength of its leaders. The symbols around the city, from the Rocky steps and statue to the murals and Ben Franklin’s monuments, showed how influential a leader can be, how much he or she can unite a group of people. Philadelphians are rooted in their strength and history, and the same values that Ben Franklin exemplified are still being carried out today, in people like Emma, Wes, and Major Susan.

    Day 7 has started with a trip to the bookstore! Three books later, we are at the Ben Franklin Museum and are learning a lot about this influential man. Ben Franklin can teach servant leaders so much; everything he did was for the benefit of others.

    "What good have I done today?" - Ben Franklin:
    A quote to be used by all servant leaders. Better yourself, better others, better the world. Thanks Benny.
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