• Day52

    Sun Moon Lake

    November 20, 2019 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Up to try and get some drone shots but too rainy. 😫.
    Had another heart attack breakfast with butter, more butter, extra butter, chips, sausage and more butter. Artery clogging tastic.
    Drove for 3 hours to a man made lake called Sun Moon Lake. Very picturesque, if a bit cloudy.
    Checked in to our Switzerland style chalet, with high wooden ceilings and a balcony bedroom, overlooking the others for Hannah and I.
    Wandered to the lake and took a boat trip on a catamaran to the other side and back.
    Curly not feeling well, so we went back so she could chill out and have a bath.
    After she warmed up we went out for some food. Almost everything was closed by 7.30 and we struggled to find somewhere to eat.
    Found a nice man who said he would cook us some food. Fed us all with beer for only £20.75, bargain.
    Dad and I had a brief conversation with a swearing parrot on the way home, which I'm sure was made much more funny by the 58% spirit from the store (costing only £1.50 for a little bottle).
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