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  • Day12

    From west to east

    December 5, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Oliver and I went for a quick walk after breakfast, before Steven picked us up at 9am.

    We detoured via the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas (in the dragon, out the Tiger!), near the old town wall of Kaohsuing, before heading toward Moon World. It's not a theme park, but is an area of barren hills with a lunar-like landscape in Tianliano District.

    After a much welcome ice cream (it was 32 degrees and humid today), we left the east coast and headed across the mountains to the west coast, including a stop for lunch (beef noodle soup today).

    The west coast is vastly different, with long beaches and sheer cliffs. The cities are much smaller and have a rural feeling, without the crowds of the west coast.

    We arrived in Taitung at 4pm and went for a bike ride around the Forest Reserve, before heading to our hotel (5 star luxury tonight in the Sheraton... it's in the main street and looks very out of place!)

    We headed to the outdoor bar for cocktails, then a quick swim before heading out for a walk around town for some tea and a couple of caches.
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  • Day11

    Waiting for the crack of dawn

    December 4, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    4.30am wake-up call this morning so we can catch the 5.30am train to Zhushan station, then a short, steep uphill walk to "Ogasawara Mountain Sun-rising Watchtower", the best place in the area to see the sunrise. It's a popular event in these parts, the train was standing room only.

    The train line originally went from Chiayi to Alishan (80km), but was damaged in the 9-21 earthquake in 1999. Repairs were competed in 2005, but it was damaged again in Typhoon Morakot in 2009, and remains unrepaired. The section we are traveling on is now just for tourists, from Alishan Township to the summit.

    We arrived at the lookout at 6am, and did the important stuff first - found the cache up there☺ (it's now our highest altitude found cache, at 2449m).

    After watching the sunrise and squeezing between the bus loads of selfie-stick wielding Chinese tourists to take some photos, we caught the train back to the village for breakfast (local breakfast today, our hotel doesn't have a dining room... or a lobby, comfy bed or lift... but that's another issue!)

    After breakfast we met our driver at 9am for a lovely walk up and down and around the forest - according to Chris' app we walked up the equivalent of 57 flights of stairs!

    We departed for Kaohsiung at 10.30am

    To be continued...
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  • Day14

    Taroko Gorge(ous)

    December 7, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    This is the first time in Taiwan that we've spent two nights in the same hotel, so it was a pleasure not to pack bags this morning. Our driver suggested switching the next two days around to avoid the weekend crowds, so today we will do a number of short hikes in Taroko Gorge National Park.

    Taroko Gorge, also known as Marble Gorge, is an 18km chasm carved out by the Liwu River. There are multiple walking trails, some along narrow paths high above the river, others in tunnels carved into the rock almost at river level.

    We did a few different walks today and covered about 10km in total. On the Swallow Grotto walk we were required to wear hard hats - hopefully the rock falls were going to be small ones!! I'll let the pictures tell the story....
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  • Day9

    From Lugang to the Sun (Moon Lake)

    December 2, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    First stop of the day was Lugang Township, formerly the busiest port town in Taiwan, where we visited a temple and had a walk around the old town. On the way we sampled the local specialty, shrimp monkeys (deep fried mud shrimp, eaten whole including head and legs).

    On the way out of town we drove through a rural area, past a traditional cemetery and stopped at a Shell Temple in Fuxing Township. It's a little-visited labour of love that took one man 20 years to build, covering his own temple inside and out, with sea shells (all but 2 of the temples in Taiwan are privately owned, by individuals or not -for profits organizations)

    The drive to Sun Moon Lake was mostly on raised freeways and through tunnels, so we made good time, arriving in time for a shuttle boat cruise - a fleet of boats visit 3 ports around the lake and you hop-on and off at your leisure.

    Sun Moon Lake is the most popular tourist destination in Taiwan - we counted 30 tour buses in one of the car parks, mostly from mainland China (although the Taiwanese government is actively promoting tourism from other east Asian countrtries to minimise their reliance on China if the political situation deteriorates).

    Tea was in the night market again, but as it's not a major city, it was starting to shut down as we walked back to the hotel at 7.30pm.
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  • Day15

    Coast Road to Taipei

    December 8, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    We began the day visiting Liyu Lake, for a paddle boat ride and visiting a Japanese temple, both on the outskirts of Hualien. Then we began the journey to Taipei.

    There's only one road from Hualien to Taipei, and it spectacularly hugs the coast for the first part of the journey, then goes inland through multiple tunnels (the longest being 12.9km), before hitting freeway into the city.

    We broke up the journey with a bento-style lunch box, and we arrived in Taipei at 5pm after a long day driving. After farewelling Steven we checked into our hotel and went for a walk in search of tea.
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  • Day8

    Stinky tofu, and other culinary delights

    December 1, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌫 20 °C

    After a fabulous breakfast of scrambled eggs, steamed buns, porridge, rice, vegetables and toast, we met our driver Steven to begin our tour of Taiwan.

    Being Saturday morning, the roads are full of locals heading away for day trips out of Taipei, so progress was very slow at times, despite being on a 4 lane freeway with additional raised lanes on both sides.

    We arrived at Longfeng Broken Bridge in time for morning tea, and Oliver jumped right in the deep end with a Taiwanese specialty - black stinky tofu (the name is extremely accurate). She and Steven had most of it, but everyone had a taste.

    We continued through the mountains on to Shengxing Railway Station, a town which was bypassed by the railway many years ago, and uses that, and its Hakka heritage, as a tourist attraction (think Hahndorf with noodles instead of wurst ☺). We also made some traditional pound tea by grinding herbs, peanuts and seeds in a mortar and pestle before adding hot water to make tea.

    We then drove to Taichung via the Rainbow Village, a former veterans village which was painted from head to toe in bright murals by one of the residents in a bid to save it from demolition. He is in his 90s now, and although no lives there anymore (it is purely for tourists), he was in the village today and happy to pose for photos for a small fee.

    Next stop was the Fengjia night market, famous for its imaginative food and drinks. It was here that bubble tea was invented, so we sampled sweet potato balls, fried quail egg balls, a hot dog in a hot dog (a pork sausage inside a rice sausage "roll"), deep fried suckling pig omelet, and a watermelon milk drink. We walked for over 2 hours and covered about half the market, so you'll get an idea of it's size!

    A short drive across town had us at our hotel around 8pm.
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  • Day13

    The bridges of Hualien County

    December 6, 2018 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We left Taitung at our regular 9am after a spectacular breakfast at the Sheraton buffet. First stop was the Museum of Prehistory, a very detailed exhibition of Taiwanese history and culture from the beginning of time, which took us close to 2 hours to go through.

    We drove most of the day through the pineapple and tea growing area of the East Rift Valley, a widem flat valley between two distinct mountain ranges. The rivers are almost dry at the moment, so they are doing lots of maintenance work in the river beds. We stopped at a lookout on the Luye Plateau, which overlooks the valley on three directions.

    Lunch was a Taiwanese bento box in the town of Chuhshang, the rice growing capital of Taiwan, followed by a detour for a short hike to see Nanan Falls. This was followed by a much longer walk in Yushan National Park, a 3km return trip to see a waterfall, which included crossing the pictured suspension bridge.

    On the way to Hualien for the night we stopped at the Tropic of Cancer Marker, then Hualien Sugar Mill - a former mill site, but now only a tourist outlet that sells good ice cream!

    We arrived at Hualien well after dark, booked into our hotel and headed straight to the night market for tea. They have moved this one off the streets and given it a permanent home in a park, so the lack of having to avoid scooters made it a rather sanitised affair! (it was more like sideshow alley at the royal show than a traditional Taiwanese market, with mostly games of chance and fried food stalls).
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  • Day6


    March 18 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Första landstigningen Taiwan - Keelung. I Taiwan (f.d. Formosa) numera Taiwan eller republiken Kina bor 23 milj, huvudstad Taipei. Det är förbjudet att ta med mat eller frukt iland, en banan i väskan kan kosta 5000 kr i böter...

    Vi åkte på en tur på nordöstra kusten, Taiwans highway one. Vi besökte också Cheufen Village som är en gammal guldbrytningsby. Mike, vår taiwanesiska guide var en glad prick. Han berättade att USA har 28 ’ambassader’ i Taiwan. Efter ett tag förstod vi att det var McDonalds han menade. Kul 😊.

    Nu har man kommit in i det här livet, varannan dag ’at sea’ och varannan dag strandhugg. Ganska skönt faktiskt. Idag: Till sjöss, buddistisk meditation kl. 9, föredrag om Buddas liv 11.15, lunch 13, vinprovning 14, sedan lite ledigt 😴, extra bra middag och en riktigt bra show. Kanske kommer hem som buddister 🙏.
    Imorgon Sydkorea och Busan.
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  • Day24

    Bye bye Taiwan

    January 18 in Taiwan ⋅ 🌬 20 °C

    “Nach Taiwan?!“ so ungefähr war meine Reaktion als Tim mir von der Idee erzählte. Ich hatte Taiwan nicht wirklich als Reiseziel auf dem Schirm. Doch das Land und vor allem auch die Leute haben uns begeistert und wir müssen zugeben, dass wir Taiwan wirklich als Reiseland unterschätzt haben. Die Taiwaner sind sehr freundlich und sehr hilfsbereit. Auch wenn die wenigsten Englisch sprechen wird hier immer ein Weg gefunden, im Zweifel mit Google Translater. Wir hatten auch nie das Gefühl dass man uns hier als Touristen „übers Ohr hauen will“.

    Hier gibt es eine vielfältige und wunderschöne Natur - Berge, Wasserfälle, schroffe Küsten, Sandstrände, Seen, Urwald usw. Wenn man dabei bedenkt wie klein die Insel ist, ist dies wirklich beeindruckend. Außerdem kann man hier kleine verlassene Örtchen finden, genau so aber auch riesige Städte. Zugegeben die Städte sind nicht immer die schönsten, aber man findet immer tolle Ecken, gepflegte Parks und wunderschöne Tempel, Pagoden oder Memorials. Zudem gibt es eine gute Infrastruktur, kinderfreundliche Hotels und meist ist alles perfekt organisiert. Sogar beim Eiskaufen bekommt man nach der Bestellung eine Nummer und wartet dann bis das Eis fertig und die Nummer aufgerufen wird. Es ist überall so sauber, dass es sogar Theo aufgefallen ist. Und das obwohl man so gut wie nie Mülleimer findet. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ich frage mich nur was die Taiwaner denken, wenn sie mal nach Berlin kommen... 😏

    Lediglich das Essen hat uns teilweise etwas herausgefordert 🙈 Da hier alle auf chinesische und japanische Touristen eingestellt sind, gibt es kaum Speisekarten auf Englisch. Zudem ist das Essen sehr sehr fleischlastig. Oft hat uns da das gut ausgebaute Netz an 7-Elevens gerettet. 😜

    Vielen Dank Taiwan für die schönen Erlebnisse! 🇹🇼
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  • Day2

    Taipei 2

    October 27, 2017 in Taiwan ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Vandaag bezochten we de theevelden in Pinglin.

    Er geraken was niet simpel en het mannetje in het infocentrum sprak geen Engels. Maar het lukte ons om een fiets te huren, kochten een lunchpakket en gingen er theegenaan!

    Het junglepad was zo goed als verlaten, heel af en toe eens een theegenligger. We reden langs de rivieren door de bergen. Oolong we juist gefietst hebben weet ik niet maar theegen dat we terug in het dorp waren was het al namiddag. Theeft zeker deugd gedaan die frisse en bijna zoete berglucht na al die uitlaatgassen. Het regende wel een beetje dus dat was wel een theegenvaller.Read more

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