• Day38

    Alligator+New Orleans

    September 12, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 11 °C

    New Orleans started with this massive bridge , it was the second biggest bridge I saw on holiday. We went to the New Orleans campground it was the best camp ground I've seen it has concrete not rocks the next day we took the bus and streetcar into town and went to Bourbon street which is a famous street full of bars we went on a boat that took us up the Mississippi River and took us into another city that's not New Orleans then we went to hard rock cafè for dinner I got a guitar plate with two sauce holders and a huge empty space for food and I got a hard rock cafè cup the next day we went into town and went to a cathedral that was the oldest practicing cathedral in the USA it was built in 1718 did you know that the saint Louis cathedral is part of st Mary's church anyway we lit a candle for other people that are now Saints. Then we took a street car which is like a green tram to he garden district which was ok but I didn't see gardens! That was it for the day... we went back to the campground and swam all the rest of the afternoon. The next morning we got up early and did a swamp tour which was soooo awesome. We saw alligators! Everybody is scared of being bitten by one but coming to see one comes fun and that's were my dream came true seeing alligators is cool but one up close to me like I did pretty scary anyway not to scary when one follows next to the boat or behind the boat scary enough we went down pearl river and he said that there was a big alligator turns out he wasn't here to be seen we got to see more than we just payed for we saw alligators (duh)hogs/pigs raccoons hawks and much more the best thing I liked seeing was turtles yes turtles when we passed them they just jump into the river stupid right we ended up a tiny bit tired so we hit the road anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I will se you soon bye!Read more