• Day115

    Year closing

    December 31, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    For the last cycling day of 2019, we chose a semi-exhausting route: just above 100km and an elevation gain of about 730m. Our day started with an unpleasant surprise: some ants had found our tortillas, so breakfast was only half-eatable. Therefore, we decided to have a second breakfast along the road. Good choice, the tortas were very yummy and the thick fog had cleared up a little afterwards.
    We followed a "Ruta archeologica" and passed several Maya ruins. We decided to stop at the ones in Xpujil and explore a bit. Quite impressive what they built hundreds of years ago in the middle of the jungle!
    We also explored the village of Xpujil and noticed a couple of funny things: Someone obviously planned to party hard tonight and not be able to work tomorrow. Plus, a car with a sticker of the German eagle - interesting!

    We bought some fruits and vegetables for dinner (as every day) and got ourselves a couple of beers for the special occasion, before going to our cabaña to cook and reflect on 2019.
    We had a very busy first 8 months of the year, all preparing for our trip. Since the start, it has been 115 days now, 107 out of those we cycled at least some kms. We spent over 500 hours on the bikes, passed the 9000km and 100000m of elevation gain. Thanks to everyone who supported us in whatever way (also following our blog) to achieving this! We are looking forward to 2020 and excited about what's next to come!

    It's 10:30pm here, way past our bedtime. We are pretty tired and will sleep in some minutes, no staying up til midnight.

    Happy New Year everyone! May it be exciting and full of lovely happy moments!
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