• Day366

    The great escape....

    June 5, 2017 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    A huge thunderstorm last night cooled the air down and made for some good conditions to get today's 100km+ done in good time. We've decided to leave the gps planned route which uses "cycle tracks" and freestyle the route along the minor "B-roads".

    Our deciding point of the day was the car ferry. If it was there ..great. if not it meant a 30 or 50km re route to find a bridge, and possibly an overnighter in Warsaw. The 10.30 ferry didn't happen so I wasn't convinced the 11am schedule would be met either, but out of the blue 2 super-friendly guys popped out of the cabin and welcomed us on board, saying thank you and goodbye when we paid them..(***OK that last bit was a lie, but the most important part was that the ferry came ;))

    Today's special prizes for bad behaviour go to:-
    - The guy who was writing a sms whilst riding his moped
    -The delightful bariatric gentleman who decided to stop his car and urinate against a house....on a street with numerous other discrete locations!
    -The bird that defecated on me this morning the moment I took the bike outside!

    Annoyingly we also had a second dog incident today. Two terrier dogs came out of a driveway barking, growling and chasing after us on the bikes. Peter was to the right and I was to the left furthest from them. Shouting seemed to help and thankfully we were able to out-ride them. If we had been on an uphill stretch or if it had been a younger child on a bike, the outcome may well have been different. I now have a depository of stones inside my front bag in case something similar happens again.

    Today was a good day though.. we've finished in good spirits, cooked a nice indian meal and filled up on chocolate treats. It looks like we may make ot through Poland afterall... !
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