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  • Day37

    03/06/2017 -06/06/2017 Lake Titicaca

    June 6, 2017 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    03/06/17-06/06/17 Lake Titicaca

    We have spent the past four days visiting Lake Titicaca, the worlds largest high altitude lake, sitting at 3808m above sea level. We started by visiting Puno, on the Peruvian side of the lake.

    From Puno we took a boat to Islas Flotantes De Los Uros, a community of around 50 islands situated on the lake and made entirely of reeds. We were able to get off the boat and walk around the islands, which were surprisingly stable. One of the ladies showed us her home, made from pieces of wood and reeds. It was interesting to see how they manage to live with so little. On one of the islands they have built a shop, restaurants etc and on another is a primary school, villagers and tourists have to go between the islands by boats (also made from reeds), and we had a ride on one of these boats. As they have no engine, someone drives behind in a small boat with an engine pushing it along.

    The following day we said “hasta luego” to Peru, and crossed the border into Bolivia. We spent two nights in Copacabana (not that one), where we got a panoramic view of the lake from our room, and our own private jacuzzi and wood burning stove, for a ridiculously cheap price.

    On our first evening, we walked up a high hill to watch the sun set. Unfortunately the viewing spot was pretty dirty, with lots of graffiti and litter, but the view was worth it. It gave Tom the opportunity to do yet another time lapse on his gopro, so he was happy!

    On one of our days we visited the Isla Del Sol, a boat journey away from Copacabana, on the lake. We spent our day hiking around the island and had some impressive views. We were accompanied by another dog throughout our hike to the top, we don't understand why we keep attracting them!

    The hotel we stayed at had a very good restaurant, the best in Copacabana, for a very reasonable price. We took full advantage of this, and enjoyed a few meals there, including sampling the local delicacy, Lake trout, which was delicious. They also did chocolate fondues, and after a significant lack of chocolate during our trip so far, we enjoyed demolishing one on our last night, accompanied by some very nice Chilean wine.

    Our last day in Copacobana we had a lazy morning packing and getting ready for La Paz as well as a nice walk around the Bay.
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