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  • Day135

    first morning in Mysore

    March 8, 2017 in India ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    So, you wake up after 9h of sleep, when you got to bed your back was hurting from the 30h spent on the train but now it's ok. In-house breakfast, and then it's on!
    Walk to the Chamundi stairs (rickshaw, rickshaw madam?), not a nice walk as you have to walk on a dirt road where trees are scarce (makes me want to plant trees) under the sun... But you also realise this is the most silent environment you got since you're in India :D

    When you reach the stairs, you probably already walked 5 or 6 km :D And you start climbing the stairs... Slooowly, because it's hot. Watching the view. Drinking water. Eating fresh pineapple from the stands at mid-way. There are plenty of couples of youngsters going up together, taking their time, seating... They don't talk to each other, they're just here, together. Small groups of guys and some of girls as well, but no mix. Some girls put kumkuma powder on each step while they're going up, chatting and laughing.
    When you reach the top though, this quiet time is over. Market again, crowds again, noise again. Doesn't really make you want to linger around.
    Getting down the steps, trying to count them. I counted around 700 but I wasn't really focused...

    Reached down, rickshaw, have to bargain, ok for the zoo, I'm tired and hungry. Getting off the rickshaw in front of the zoo gates, I go to the veg restaurant where some "regular locals" are having food.
    I'm getting the most expensive thing on the menu, what they call "meals", for 80.₹ , and a super good, sweet, no-water-added, watermelon juice.
    What a nice morning.
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