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  • Day176

    London, UK

    July 22, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Yesterday was a day of sad goodbyes and traveling. I wasn't able to do a blog post because I was way to exhausted. I am however headed home now. Left the ship in Bergen, flew to Copenhagen, then from there flew to London. My day didn't start out great. I wanted to be able to spend as much time with my boyfriend in the morning before I left but I got a call from the crew office at 9:30 telling me that I now have to go find a certain police station in Bergen to get my passport stamped. Which ended up taking a long time. By the time I got back he had started work so I finished packing and went to meet with my manager to return my keys and go over my equipment. Once that was done Jackson was done work and showed up with ice cream so we spent the last hour together in his cabin eating ice cream. I then met Naomi my travel buddy the shops manager who we discovered had the exact same flights as me to London so we decided to get a taxi together. Finding a taxi wasn't too hard it was just leaving Jackson that made it hard.
    I didn't have any problems at the first airport but Naomi did. The policies have recently changed so some people are no longer allowed to join or leave the ship in Southampton. So the people who live in the U.K. and were expecting to be able get off in Southampton suddenly have to fly with WAY too much stuff. Naomi had to throw tons of stuff out when she was packing and then still had a huge problem at the airport. She threw more stuff out and filled another bag she had packed paying for another bag. I on the other hand had a slightly overweight bag and they didn't even charge me for it. Once we finished going through security we just grabbed some pizza and waited for our flight using the free wifi.

    Once on the plane we realized we had the best tickets called plus tickets. It was an economy plane with not great seats and no screens in the back of the seat in front of you but our tickets were right at the front of the plane when I'm use to being at the back of the plane right over the wing and we were treated like first class. On both flights we got free food when the non-plus passengers had to pay. On the second flight it was fancy food with a warm hand towel before and everything. The first flight was full but the flight was leas then an hour and I was in the very first row so I had lots of leg room. So that wasn't too bad. The second two hour flight however was sold out of regular tickets so the back of the plane had no empty seats. The front of the plane for plus tickets had 12 people in it. We all had our own rows with there still being empty rows. So that was nice but weird. Once we got to Heathrow Naomi and I parted ways, she was headed to her hotel, heading home by train tomorrow. I was headed to exchange some money and get a taxi to my hotel.

    Especially after the nice plane tickets I was expecting for the hotel to not be very nice. I'm in a Holiday Inn and it actually is quite nice as well. I was planning on going to bed very early last night but I ended waiting until Jackson was done work to video chat him before falling asleep. Luckily with the time change it wasn't as late as I usually have to wait for him.

    Now today I'm still relaxing at the hotel using the wifi to update my phone and computer. Then I'm headed to the airport to decide what I want to do. Either just use the free wifi or head into London for some exploring before my flight later today.
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