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    • Day 1,174

      Gold Coast, Tweed Heads & ein Riesenrad

      June 21, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 17 °C

      A short trip to the Gold Coast to set-up a new ferris wheel. But this time I had to travel without Janine as she stayed and worked in Darwin while I helped out in Tweed Heads. After a few exhausting days I had one day off to explore the area. I climbed the skypoint Q1, the highest residential building in the southern hemisphere, swam in the ocean and found a real Kölsch in the Bavarian House Surfers Paradise! But after 1,5 weeks and a lot of hours working I am now back in Darwin.

      Für mich ging es auf einen Kurztrip an die Gold Coast um ein neues Riesenrad aufzubauen. Dieses Mal musste ich allerdings alleine fliegen denn Janine ist in Darwin geblieben um dort weiter zu arbeiten. Neben der vielen Arbeit hatte ich auch einen Tag frei um die Region ein bisschen zu entdecken. Es ging für mich zunächst zu einer Klettertour auf das Skypoint Q1 Hochhaus, dem höchsten Wohngebäude der Südhalbkugel (322 Meter) und endlich konnte ich auch mal wieder im Meer schwimmen gehen ohne Angst vor Krokodilen haben zu müssen. Am Abend habe ich dann auch noch ein frisch gezapftes Früh Kölsch im Bavarian House gefunden, das erste Kölsch seit über drei Jahren!!!
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    • Day 25

      The start of our walkabouts adventure

      November 5, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      While our presence in Australia appears to have solved the drought problem (…) the last two days have been frustrating. We had hoped to have been on our way several days ago. We’d hoped to have Big Bertha on Friday but it didn’t happen.

      On Sunday we made a trip to an enormous DIY type warehouse that sold everything, literally everything. We made a list of things we would need for Bertha, a couple of camping chairs, a camping table .... repairing stuff, kitchen stuff, emergency stuff, eating and cleaning stuff .... quite a list.

      On Monday we hung around awaiting the call to pick up Bertha but received a call to say that the part still hadn’t arrived. While the engineers had cut a hole for the new part, so that it will be fitted as soon as it arrives, the work still needs to be approved by the gas inspector.

      Today we were told that the part had arrived and was being fitted, but we still had to hope that the inspector would have a chance to inspect it and approve it. Today is Melbourne Cup day so we just hope that no one involved is a horse racing fan.

      So that we didn’t spend our time kicking our heals we decided to head for the Gold Coast and look around or lay on the beach. On the way we would drop into IKEA to buy Bun an orthopaedic pillow for her neck. On our way we received a call that the van was finished and approved, no beach today

      When we arrived to collect Bertha she was wired up to the mains with the a/c working and was beautifully cold inside. When she had been sold to the dealer, she contained “everything needed” and this was in a pile in a garage. We were told that we could take anything we wanted. Cutlery, cleaning materials, fuses, spare fan belts, picnic chairs,and table, toaster, kettle ... and so forth. We loaded it all on board.

      Bertha comes with about 3kg of keys! I don’t know how many sets there are. There are a number of storage spaces each accessible from outside and each with their own door that has a lock or two. Why each lock isn’t suited the same, I don’t know. Tomorrow we will sort them all.

      We were shown how to sort the toilet, the gas, the fridge, the cooker .... information overload. Then we moved Bertha and were shown the awning. Time to go home.

      We travelled 20yds to the fuel station and filled Bertha up I was using my hone for satnav and it sat happily on the dashboard until about 400yds down the road and I’d turned onto the motorway. The remaining 50 miles (plus detours from missed turnings etc) was miserable with respect to directions, but Bertha behaved well.

      She’s parked up, locked up and will be sorted out tomorrow. Will we leave Brisbane tomorrow or Thursday? No plan yet.
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      Wow. Thank you for posting it feels like we are there with you. Great 🥰

      Andy n Bunny Briggs

      I wish you had been - I probably wouldn’t have become lost!

    • Day 12

      Camper Vans - Tweed Heads South

      October 23, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Our plan .... no, it’s not a plan because we are not allowed to have one, our thoughts are to buy a camper and go walkabouts. Head north, see the barrier reef, do some diving, back to Brisbane for Christmas, see the kids, see in the new year, head south, Sidney, south coast, Melbourne, maybe Adelaide, back to Melbourne, catch a plane back to KL. Simple. Just need a camper van.

      We have been looking at vans on the Aussie gumtree. There are many good looking vans. Some basic, some quirky. The cost is less critical than what we lose on it between buying in Brisbane and selling in Melbourne. The most basic camper will cost us around Aus $50 per day to rent, approval $7,500 for 5 months. However, the most basic won’t allow us to take the six of us when Toby, Jessica and their partners come over for Christmas.

      We decided to go to a dealer in Tweed Heads South (THS) so that we could have a look at a range of.vans.

      THS is across the border in New South Wales. The time zone is currently one hour ahead of Queensland. If we were to fly the airport terminal is in NSW but part of the runway goes into QLD and is, technically, in a different time zone.

      The dealership had about 20 vans, we were looking at the more budget end. The photos on gumtree must have been taken by the same person who does house sale photos and can make a tiny box room look like an enormous double bedroom. We learnt a lot, mostly about what we didn’t want, a little about what we would lik (all round mosquito curtains) but couldn’t find a van we liked. Decided to retire for a coffee and rethink.

      The coffee shop was in NSW, south of THS and shut at 4. We set of and were due to arrive at 3:30 if we got a wiggle on. When we arrive£ we found that, despite being in NSW, they worked on QLD time and it was only 2:30. Very confusing.

      The previous day we had arranged to meet Carl and his girlfriend who had a quirky camper for sale. They had driven it from Brisbane to Sidney bcuase someone had said that they would buy it, but then didn’t. They were driving back from Sidney and we arranged to meet in the IKEA car park south of Brisbane. The van was certainly quirky and had been built to a high standard, but it was tiny. Not sure our marriage would have survived the time in that van.

      We drove back through Brisbane and continued the search for vans on gumtree and eBay.
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      Good luck with your search; that van was tiny indeed!!! Xx


      Like the video, why not get one each 👍


      What does ‘quirky’ mean in the context of a camper van?!

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    • Day 20

      Tweed Heads ⚓️

      December 5, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Die letzte Nacht haben wir in Tweed Heads verbracht. Ein netter Ort vor der Gold Coast. ⚜️🌊 Und auch unser letzter Halt vor Queensland, einem neuen Bundesstaat und einer anderen Zeitzone. ⏰ Wir sind euch jetzt nur noch 9h voraus und nicht mehr 10h. Am Strand von Tweed Heads gab es dann mit Blick auf Surfers Paradies Vanillepudding-Taschen. 🥮🏄🏽🏙️Read more


      riesige Strände....aber ohne Kurtaxe und Strandkörbe. Das wäre doch ein super Businessmodell für findige junge Start-ups. Ich treibe für euch auch das Eintrittsgeld ein🫡


      Mit nem Strandkorb würde man es da vielleicht auch ein bisschen länger aushalten, Schatten fehlt definitiv 😁


      etwas größer als Krautsand

    • Day 25


      November 18, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Fingal Head, ein Dorf im äussersten Nordosten von New South Wales und ca. 5km südlich der Grenze zwischen New South Wales und Queensland. Vom Lookout Point hatte man eine Aussicht auf zwei fast menschenleere Strände und die Skyline von Coolangatta. Nachdem die Grenze zu Queensland überquert war, wurde die Zeit um eine Stunde zurückgedreht. In Coolangatta am Greenmount Beach badeten wir zum ersten Mal im Meer, lagen im weissen Sand und sahen den Surfern zu. Während die Mittagssonne brannte, kümmerten wir uns ums Einkaufen, Campingplatz suchen und Mittagessen. Am Strand von Kirra Beach war nicht viel los, da die Sommersaison noch nicht begonnen hatte. Den Abend beendeten wir mit einem Spaziergang durch die Strassen von Coolangatta.Read more

    • Day 37

      The 🔆 shines and an old friend

      October 24, 2022 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      Monday morning and at last we wake up to sun. The sky is blue, the air is warm on our backs and we can start to dispel the dampness in our bones, clothes, shoes….

      The other day we made a trip to the Glass House Mountains. It was wet (of course) so they were obscured (although we had a warming brew up there to raise our spirits).

      We realised it would be a splendid view today, so we motored on up the hill. We weren’t disappointed.

      The sun continued to shine, as we drove to Matty’s spiritual home (Maui depot, Brisbane). We picked up some fresh sheets and towels (still resolutely brown) and some toilet t-bags. You bung one of these in the ‘waste cassette’ each time it’s emptied (by a very galant and unsqueamish Col). Brisbane was where we first arrived 28 days ago - that was some round trip!

      Our next visit was to Redlands, to meet up with John. John is the husband of my oldest friend (Anna). We were due to see them in 2020, but covid got in the way. Tragically, Anna then succumbed to an infection, and passed away (over two years ago now). Big gulp.

      Seeing John was great, we talked about Anna the whole time, she was defo with us. I managed to hang on to my emotions - just - and it was both a happy and poignant meeting up. Lovely lunch at the Redlands Bay Hotel, which John said he’d been to with Anna in the past ❤️

      Hoping to catch up with Anna’s daughters later in the trip 😊

      After we said our (emotional) goodbyes, we carried on to our stop for the next three nights: Tweed Heads.

      Most exciting of all - we were dipping our toes into a new state: New South Wales! To our surprise, the clocks went forward an hour, which confused our senses somewhat 🤪
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    • Day 123


      March 2, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Für drei Tage sind wir auf einem Campingplatz direkt am Strand. So konnten wir heute morgen den Tag im Meer beginnen. Nach der Stranddusche dann gemütlich Frühstück inmitten der Aussi-Piepmätze...
      Manchmal sieht es aus, als wenn wir von der Vogelwelt wie im ZOO bestaunt werden.
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      Vorsicht: unpatroled Beach

    • Day 226

      Gold Coast, Snapper Rocks & Delfine

      November 16, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Back on the coast we stopped at the Gold Coast. Of course we were visiting the Hard Rock Cafe and had some fun playing mini golf. During the day we were swimming in the rock pools of the Snapper Rocks and we finally saw the first dolphins on our whole trip! It was great!

      Zurück an der Küste haben wir an der Gold Coast angehalten. Hier hatten wir Spaß bei einer Runde Minigolf und haben uns natürlich einen Hard Rock Cafe Burger gegönnt. Tagsüber ging es zum schwimmen zu den sogenannten Snapper Rocks. Hier haben wir auch tatsächlich die ersten Delfine unserer gesamten Weltreise gesehen. So cool!
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      Delfine 🐬😍

    • Day 963

      State hopping

      August 18, 2022 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Nachdem wir früh noch zu den Twin Falls gelaufen sind ging es zurück nach NSW, wieder nach QLD an den Strand, und zurück nach NSW zum einkaufen und übernachten.

      Dieses Durcheinander liegt daran dass Tweed Heads in NSW und Coolangatta in QLD so dicht beieinander liegen das die Staatengrenze tatsächlich entlang der Mittellinie einer Straße verläuft.

      Irgendwie ganz witztig.
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    • Day 124

      Porpita porpita, BLUE BUTTONS JELLIES

      March 3, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Strandspaziergang mit vielen Entdeckungen. So finden wir die Blue Buttons Quallen vereinzelt am Strand. Gestern früh war der Strand davon übersäht und auch im Wasser gab es genug Sichtungen. Ein Local hat mir nun den Namen verraten und das die Berührungen Hautirritationen verursachen. Abhilfe in solchen Fällen schaffen nicht die aufgestellten Essigflaschen, sondern Waschung mit warmen Wasser... So weiß ich jetzt, warum ich eine unruhige Nacht hatte. Zum Glück war noch AUTAN-Gel im Kühlschrank! Vielen Dank Töchterchen für den Vorrat!!Read more


      Aber optisch sehen sie toll aus 😍 Vorsicht beim Baden 🤷🏼‍♀️


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