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    • Day13

      Back to brisbane

      March 6 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Today we left the farm which was a bit sad even though I am going back but strange to think we will all be leaving each other. Clint told us this amazing poem as well was so cool gave me goose bumps!
      Had a good day though and even went on a night out miracles do happen.
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      Nice photo. don't be sad you will all keep in touch. Exciting times ahead.


      Hi Jen,just got your update,"lovely photo of you and your friends," Dad as put us in the picture about the placement farm you will be working on,as from Monday."horses and cattle" that seems great,they must have been most impressed with you Jen, "so well done" It will be strange,saying goodbye and all of you going to different location


      continued, but we are sure you will all keep in touch,"love you lots Jen,"looking forward to your next update love Nan and Nandad xx

    • Day7

      Finally a day of sun

      February 28 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      So today I woke up went outside at 7am and the sun was finally shining. Which was the best feeling ever. FINALLY TANNING TIME!!
      We had a nice walk around in the sun to do bit and bobs but turns out literally everywhere was closed due to the flooding but oh well. Spent the rest of the day by the pool. Even had pancakes ready for pancake day tomorrow.Read more


      Nice legs and tasty pancakes. The flooding looks really bad, is the water level going down quite quickly? Hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing day. Did you get all your jobs done before you leave for the farm !


      woo hoo hope you get to the farm ASAP. love you so much xxxx 😍♥️


      So Australia do have pancakes 😉😂 xx

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    • Day95

      Saying good bye

      May 27 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Today was kind of said saying good bye to the boys. They got a bit upset amd was a bit strange leaving again, traveling is a very surreal experience. But let the adventure begin started by watching the rugby which was pretty good was an exciting game met some of George friends and yhey were really nice!Read more


      enjoy your journey my lovely girl xx keep in touch x💕


      Enjoy and stay safe xx


      "Enjoy what ever you have got planned for your holiday Jen " chance in a lifetime " love you lots,keep safe,and take lots of photo's xx

    • Day6

      What a day

      February 27 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 22 °C

      Well today started off well decided to go to crazy golf which was really good. I didn't loose!!
      We went to get the tain home and they have stopped everything all bus's, trains, taxis the lot.
      The rain still hasn't stopped so it has resulted in us not being able to go to the farm. Which isn't great just got to sit tight.Read more


      Don't get down the rain will stop soon. Things will feel much better when it dries up and the sun shines 😎🌞🌡


      you should be use to it by now working with me nothings ever straight forward but with your positive thinking "it'll be fine"


      ahah yeah very true can wait all I wanted was a nice golden tan. but as you say "it'll be fine"

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    • Day3

      1. Tag Brisbane

      August 2 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Ich hab es geschafft ich bin in Brisbane und fast 3 Jahre nachdem ich das letzte Mal da war fühle ich mich hier genauso wohl ☺️. Der Flug war echt gut ich hab auf dem Weg nach Dubai eine Reihe nur für mich gehabt und auf dem Weg nach Brisbane nette Sitznachbarn, die mich immer geweckt haben wenn es etwas zu essen gab. In Dubai fand ich 6 Stunden alleine rum zu kriegen echt anstrengend und ich wollte auch nicht die ganze Zeit sitzen weil ich ja nach Brisbane 13 Stunden im Flieger saß. Also bin ich so lange durch den Flughafen gelaufen bis ich mein Tagesschrittziel erreicht habe 😅. Um 23 Uhr war ich dann im Hostel und gegen 12 Uhr habe ich geschlafen - sogar erstaunlich gut aber leider nur bis um 5 danach hatte ich Hummeln im Po und mir tat der Rücken weh. Aber so hatte ich die Gelegenheit Brisbane im Nebel zu sehen und sitze jetzt bei schönstem Sonnenschein und 23 Grad Celsius in South Bank und trinke meinen 3. Kaffee☺️ mir geht's echt gut 🫶🏾🥹 ich bin so dankbar hier zu sein.Read more


      Wahnsinn 😍

    • Day25

      Roadtrip Tag 16

      March 13, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Das Wetter war heute morgen wieder viel besser und so machten wir uns auf den Weg Richtung Brisbane.
      Unterwegs hielten wir in Sunshine Coast und wollten eigentlich eine Runde ans Meer. Aber es war sehr windig und die Wellen mega krass. So sind wir nicht am Meer geblieben sondern zum Sunshine Plaza gefahren. Einem tollen Einkaufscenter. Hier kauften wir noch mal Essen fü Leo (leider alles in Quetschis, ziemlich viel Müll. Das verstehen wir leider nicht).
      In den großen Einkaufszentren hibt es immer Partents Room. Die sind mega, hier gibt es mehrere Stillräume mit Sesseln, mehrere Wickelstellen, Kindertoiletten und eine Küchenzeile mit Microwelle! Total irre und in Deutschland unvorstellbar. Davon gibt es auch nicht nur eine sondern gleich mehrere! Genial.
      Nach dem Mittag fuhren wir dann weiter nach Brisbane. Da unser Campingplatz sehr zentral liegt und wir jetzt schon so zeitig da sind, sind wir mit dem Bus in die Stadt gefahren und erst durch die Fußgängerzone gegangen um dann zum Botanischen Garten zu kommen.
      Dieser ist natürlich umsonst und mega schön angelegt. Direkt am Wasser!
      Abends fuhren wir wieder zum Campingplatz und Leo war mega müde, da er nachmittags nicht mehr schlafen wollte. Es gibt einfach zu viel zu sehen ;) Dann ist er nach dem Abendessen direkt eingschlafen!
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    • Day13

      The Darwin dilemma

      October 24, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Thursday - We’ve searched gumtree, google and Facebook for vans. Bun has found a website showing beautiful motorhomes, lower mileage than most we have seen and a good bit cheaper, but based in Darwin. I have tried phoning them and they have not responded ...

      The price difference will make flying to Darwin an economic option, stay a night in a hotel and pick up the van the next day. As we have no definitive “plan”, it doesn’t matter if our journey starts in Brisbane or Darwin. Starting in Darwin may actually be better, we’d see a bit of Australia that we hadn’t planned to see. The downside is 2,500km drive from Darwin to Cairns. We are told that not all of the roads are sealed and may be dirt rather than tarmac. Some of them are single track. It is also coming up to the rainy season in Darwin.

      From what we have seen and read, it makes sense for someone to want to offload their motorhome stock before the end of their season, but nothing accounts for the lack of communication.

      Friday - we keep trying to contact the company, we have been on automated hold for 15 minutes just to find that we are then transferred to an answer machine.

      A response to an email looked rather automated, poor spelling and not greatly welcoming or apologetic for not responding to telephone calls etc. They wanted to know which motorhome we were interested in as they had recently “sold many”. Again I asked to be telephoned. I gave details of the van we were interested in. Their email response was “Vehicle is located at our showroom in East Arm NT but we offer delivery anywhere in Australia for a very good shipping rate. For all the vehicles delivered we offer a 7 days inspection period from the moment you get it at your home and if for any reason you don't want to keep the vehicle you will be fully refunded.”

      Responding that we would like to see it first the response was.”The vehicle is in NT sitting at the shipping company ready to be delivered.
      They are a shipping company so it's impossible to test the vehicle there. As alternative we can offer a better solution for everybody.”

      I think this is the time to bale out. All looks too much of a scam for me.
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    • Day18

      Being Tourists

      October 29, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Yesterday was spent trying to sort out buying the van 😡

      Today, we are going off to be tourists in Brisbane. It didn’t start well. Renate has lent us a couple of “GO” cards, similar to the London XXXX cards. They work on the buses, trams and water taxis. Last week we checked the balance and topped them up. Today one of them didn’t work! The buss driver told us, “It’s been cancelled” that’s a great start. Fortunately he allowed one of us to travel for free so that we could get to the city to sort it out.

      A lovely warm day, blue skies and pleasant breeze made wandering around the city quite a delight. Walking through a couple of shopping malls between the bus stop and the river, well it’s not much different from any other city, expensive.

      We wandered across the bridge to the south side where the arts centres and museums are. We were expecting it to be a bit like London’s south bank, but there were very few cafes or bars. There was the Brisbane Wheel, not as big as the London Eye, but you get to go around 4 times!

      There was a lovely swimming area with man made beach not far from the river. After walking along the south bank we walked back over a bridge to the north side and into the botanical gardens. Approximately two weeks ago we were in the gardens outside the Petronas towers in KL, it was very wet and the gardens were pretty tired. This was so different. The gardens were immaculately manicured and the weather delightful.

      As well as the plants there was the wildlife, some familiar and some not. Loved the huge eel.

      Sorted the GO card - had to buy a new one! Back on the bus and home to continue to try and buy the van. I’m sure it will all work out in the end.
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      Go Go gadget trousers

    • Day68

      Immer noch in Brisbane

      November 1, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      In letzter Zeit ist viel passiert. Zu erst muss ich wohl erwähnen, dass wir beschlossen haben nun bis Mitte März in Brisbane zu bleiben. Danach werden wir die Zeit nutzen, um weiter die Welt zu erkunden. Diese Entscheidung haben wir getroffen, da wir beide super glücklich mit unserem derzeitigen Jobs in einem Café sind und so ein bisschen Geld für das weitere Reisen ansparen können.
      Im Monat November ist viel passiert. Wir waren das erste mal in Australien feiern und zwar zu einer Salsa Party. Des Weiteren standen einige Geburtstage in unserem Haus an, welche wir mit unseren südamerikanischen Mitbewohnern gefeiert haben. Dass da die Polizei kommen musste, stand natürlich garnicht außer Frage.
      Auch in Brisbane begannen die ersten Weihnachtsvorbereitungen. So wurde in der Stadt der Weihnachtsbaum beleuchtet. Und wenn ich sage beleuchtet, dann meine ich beleuchtet. Ganz nach dem Motto: je bunter desto besser. Am letzen Novembertag war die Weihnachtsfeier von meinem Café, welche wir mit köstlicher Pizza und Tequilas genossen haben. Anfang Dezember haben wir beschlossen ein bisschen deutsche Weihnachtstradition nach Australien zu holen, da man leider durch die Hitze garnicht in Weihnachtsstimmung kommt. So haben wir mit einer weiteren deutschen Freundin leckere Plätzchen gebacken und ein Adventskalender durfte natürlich auch nicht fehlen. Weihnachten werden wir ebenfalls mit unseren Mitbewohnern feiern. Das wird ziemlich spannend, da viele fremde Kulturen aufeinandertreffen.
      An unseren freien Tagen haben wir die Zeit genutzt, um die Gegend um Brisbane genauer zu erkunden. Auf dem Plan standen der Tamborine Nationalpark, Stradbroke Island und Burleigh Heads an der Gold Coast. Doch die Liste nimmt kein Ende ...
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      Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Spaß. Ich lese Deine Zeilen mit Freude.


      Sehen ja echt lecker aus.


      Danke, das freut mich 😊

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    • Day17

      Brisbane Tag 2

      December 8, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Schönen 2. Advent 😁 haha ne, ich bin ja mal gar nicht in Weihnachtsstimmung!
      Heute war ich morgens wieder ziemlich lazy und bin erst gegen halb 1 los in die Stadt. Diesmal bin ich Richtung Innenstadt gegangen, also auf die andere Seite des Flusses. Ich bin durch die "Fußgängerzone" geschleudert, da hier die einzigen Geschäfte waren, die geöffnet waren. Und ich musste mal wieder feststellen, dass die hier extrem schöne Klamotten haben und ich mir am liebsten so viel kaufen würde, allerdings habe ich kein Platz in meinem Rucksack 😩
      Nach dem Schlendern, bin ich Richtung Fluss gegangen und habe die kostenlose Flussfahrt mitgemacht mit dem City Hopper. Es ist echt verrückt, dass es allgemein in Australien super viele Aktivitäten in den Städten umsonst sind. Nach der Bootstour habe ich mich langsam wieder auf den Weg zum Hostel gemacht und habe mir was zu essen gemacht :)
      Gegen Abend bin ich dann noch mit meinen Zimmerpartnerinnen hoch auf die Rooftopbar und wir haben noch gequatscht und was getrunken:)

      Today I was pretty lazy again in the morning and I didn't leave for town until about half past one. This time I went towards the city centre, so to the other side of the river. I hurled through the "pedestrian zone" because here were the only shops that were open. And I had to find out again that they have extremely nice clothes and I would like to buy so many of them, but I have no place in my backpack 😩
      After strolling, I walked towards the river and took the free river trip with the City Hopper. It's really crazy that generally there are super many activities in the cities for free. After the boat trip I slowly made my way back to the hostel and had something to eat :)
      In the evening I went up to the Rooftopbar with my room mates and we talked and we had a drink:)
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