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Here you’ll find travel reports about Queensland. Discover travel destinations in Australia of travelers writing a travel blog on FindPenguins.
  • Day99

    Well if you'd asked me a couple of days ago what I'd be doing on Wednesday I can guarantee I would not have said 'I'll be fossicking for sapphires', but that's exactly what I did today!

    I knew I was coming to the gem fields area - settlement names like Sapphire, Rubyville, Emerald - though that last one is supposedly after the Emerald Isle rather than gems, but I'd come in the hope of seeing wallabies at my camp site and had no idea I was stumbling into a subculture.

    I've had a fabulous day. I went to a place, the Miner's Cottage, that supplies a bucket of 'wash' for $15 and you sort through it. The advantage is that you have some to show you what to look for. They also supplied tea, scones and drinks of chilled water, essential fossicking supplies 😉

    Honestly I thought it was a bit of a mug's game and I'd fossick (rummage through the wash) and find nothing, but I've had a great time and found loads of blue, green, yellow and a red sapphire - the latter is commonly called a ruby!! People come back year after year and I can see why. The regulars all have jewellery made with stones they've found. I think I've gained some insight into gold rush fever! The hunt can be addictive. What a day! 😎
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  • Day100

    Another lovely drive, this time through the Central Grasslands region of Queensland. Think savannah and you won't be far wrong.

    I love the colours. Maybe I'm here at a particularly good time - a lot of grasses seem to have their seed heads, so there are rusts and purples and shades of green and gold, grey and silver in the gum trees. Reminds me there was lilac in the sugar cane flowers when I was on the coastal plain.
    Utterly magical - again my soul is soothed ☺

    I'm not sure that photography is the medium to capture the subtle beauty here, but anyway ...
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  • Day101

    Well it was a chilly old morning - 5 or 6C. Brr! As I've been making my way S over the last few days it's become noticeably colder.

    It's 10am now, I've been going 3 hours so I've stopped at a huge grassy rest area for tea and cake (bought a few minutes ago in Biloela) and the temp is up to 22C and the sun feels strong on my skin (appropriate action taken!)

    Later: I'm staying in Cania Gorge because some people I met at Sapphire Caravan Park said it's good for wildlife. I imagined a rather narrow, dark place, but it's much broader than I expected, so nice and sunny.

    I have fresh wallaby poo (I assume, I'm no expert) right outside my campervan door. I call that good news!

    More good news is that I'm only 330 miles from Brisbane. Phew!
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  • Day102

    I got my kangas 😊 There seems to be a mum and 2 joeys hanging around the park. I glimpsed them last night, and again this morning. Then I'd just swept out the van, stuck my head outside and they were right next to me! They hopped off a bit before I could grab my camera but we're fine with me creeping up on them.

    This afternoon I did some local walks and this evening I've had the pleasure of a wine tasting put on by the site , followed by a wood-fired pizza. Sleep now!Read more

  • Day103

    Another great day. I feel so lucky that so much has gone right for me.

    Leaving Cania Gorge I called into the picnic area at the S end to check out a burrow in the creek bank I'd spotted yesterday - I'm sure it's a platypus hole, and it's been smartened up recently. But still no sighting.
    It was a nice morning - dew on the grass and the sun just coming up over the Gorge wall, so I decided to do the 300m Picnic Area walk. It runs along the creek, but most of the time you can't see the water through the vegetation. Most of the time. I can't believe my timing was so fortunate ... I saw a male platypus swim across the creek - that's a 10/10 sighting - utterly natural 😆

    I'd decided to take another slightly-out-of-the-way route down Highway 75 to a place called Boondooma Homestead. En route an eastern grey kangaroo (like those at Cania) bounded across the road about 200m in front of me. 4 hops, and no looking RLR. Again that's a cast-iron wild sighting, and not so close as to cause me any worries. When I picked up the van in Cairns I realised the reason they offer rollover insurance is because people swerve to miss kangas. I didn't take it (more expense 😯) so they told me not to swerve!

    This evening I'm at Boondooma Homestead which is a C19 cattle property - if it was in the UK it'd be owned by the National Trust. It's gradually being restored and furnished. One of the guys i met was brought up there. It's been an interesting and friendly stop, and I was the only overnighter - they can take 700 vans for large events!
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  • Day104

    This is my final spot before I drive to Brisbane to drop off my van on Wednesday then fly on Thursday.

    I have just 67 miles to go and that's quite a relief - this has been utterly brilliant but I'm tired! I've done 2016 miles so far.

    Today's highlight was also sad at the same time. I saw an echidna, but dead at the side of the road. I only got a glimpse, but I saw its spines and snout.
    I read that their young are puggles. Sounds cute.

    I also stopped off at the Peanut Van in Kingaroy and hopefully will get my haul through customs.

    Oh, the temp this morning was 2C!! 25C now, but brrr, that really was a cold start.
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  • Day22

    Could you stay here for a month ? The answer is yes, would have to be one of the best parks we have stayed in yet, great people and the setting is just like being in the bush with all the conveniences. Started the pack up today as we are heading south tomorrow, went for the daily walk down to the lake and back to the shop for an ice cream, second game of the state of origin tonight so we will be with Peter and Lyn around the pig watching the bum sniffers.Read more

  • Day23

    Up early this morning to pack up, said our goodbyes to Peter and Lyn and hit the road, goodbye to lake Maraboon we had a fantastic time for the week. Heading south down to Springsure, Rolleston and Injune for lunch and then Roma and our stop for the night is the fishermans free camp on the Balone river as per usual lots of vans. Nice setting bit close to the road but ok for an overnight stop, just kicken back having a drink and enjoying the sunshine.Read more

  • Day199

    Most Aussies are familier with the song Waltzing Matilda. What may not be as well known is that the song was inspired by an actual event.

    In 1895, Banjo Patterson visited Dagworth station and would have heard the story of the hapless swagman who attempted to flee from a trooper. Ster Christina, play a catchy tune of unkown origin. He used this tune with his now famous verse.

    Today there is a good dirt road to this area. A short 3k return walk from the parking area allows access to the actual site of the drowning. In 1990 a marker was erected here. Over the years this has been a popular area for camping and day trips. It was not far from one of the Cobb and Co stagecoach tracks. The rock filled "overshot" crossings along the watercourse are still in place.

    The overshots were built by Chinese and perhaps South Sea Islander labour for Dagworth station around 1890. The drystone keyed rocks and fill were all carried in by bullock dray. They served a dual purpose. One was to allow the stagecoach to pass by forming a road, but perhaps more important, they dammed up the waterholes so there was water held up to a meter higher during the long dry season. Previously the water disappeared quite quickly after the rains. The water was important for native animals and stock and changed the biodiversity of the area.

    It seemed to us that this fascinating piece of history was not seen by as many people as one would expect. Perhaps the walk makes it harder for some but it does not seem to be heavily promoted. There is a good parking area, shelters and toilets.
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  • Day73

    Stayed here 2 nights after leaving King Edward. We were meeting up with a couple we had met up at McGowans called Bluey and Theresa from Qld. He wanted to do the Munja Track out to Bachstens Camp and so did Dave, but she wasn't keen and really wanted to head for home. We were meeting them there to see what their decision was and it was a no go. I was happy not to go as we were running low on food and that camp is very remote and supposed to be difficult. Another time perhaps. They have an Iveco like ours bought from Col at Travel Trucks as well. Theirs is No 2, ours is No 9

    Anyway it was a nice place to spend two nights, with fresh water just a few metres away from our campsite and a deep swimming hole caused by the Gibb River running over the Kalumburu Rd.
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