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  • Day192

    We woke after another pretty late night filled with the remains of the goon but with less of a sore head. The same can't be said for the rest of our car as we had to wake them up after we'd finished our breakfast.

    Once the camp was tidied and the cars packed we were back on the road (aka the beach) to our last spot before the trip was over. Nobody wanted / was legal to drive but because Blake did a sneaky pass out earlier on she took the first driving shift. Unfortunately due to the tide times we were limited on lakes to visit so today's Lake Wabby would be a 40 minute walk inland from where we parked up. After a long walk which seemed to never end and bumping into Sefi and Sara again walking the other way we made it to the top of the sand dune which was about 100 meters down to the edge of the lake. Lake Wabby is home to over 12 different species of animal including giant cat fish which people often mistake for sharks.

    We spent around 45 minutes swimming around and watching the various fish swim past. This also included the pedicure fish which eat all the dead skin from your feet. We then had to face the long journey back up the sand dune and back to the cars for beef and salad wraps on the beach. Once lunch was demolished we hopped back in the cars to catch the ferry back to Rainbow Beach. On the way back there were a few little creeks that we had to drive through which were meant to be taken slowly. The car behind us however decided to ignore that rule and drive through them at speed in attempt to get his fellow passengers wet. Brendo doesn't miss a trick though and gave them a stern talking too over the radio as that's how you flood the radiator. Approximately 5 minutes later, they were on the radio telling everyone that their car was overheating. OOOPS!

    We all pulled over for some beach time whilst Brendo looked over the car. With an expected busted radiator we weren't going anywhere fast. They decided to let it cool down and give it another blast. It wasn't long until it over heated again though so we stopped again, popped the bonnet and tried again. About 5 stops later we managed to get to the ferry around 15 minutes late. Luckily they waited for us and it was back to the mainland.

    Once back at the hostel we all started to feel pretty broken again. We checked in, took all of our washing to the laundry, attempted to shower all the sand off finally and then had some down time. For dinner we had a final supper with the team in the form of 2-4-1 pizzas at a local pub. We then waved the boys off before heading for free beers for completing the trip. All in all the Fraser Island tour has been by far our favourite and the group was the icing on the cake!
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  • Day193

    After sleeping on the ground for 2 nights, the hostel beds were like sleeping on a fluffy cloud and that's not something you say about hostel beds. Feeling a bit more refreshed, we bid our farewells to the rest of the gang and jumped on the bus to Noosa. We had a little pit stop for some lunch at a service station that had Matilda, a GIANT kangaroo from the 2008 Commonwealth games before arriving in Noosa.

    We have 3 nights here for some much needed R and R. We are both completely pooped from Fraser Island so after we checked in we went to the supermarket to grab some bits for the next few days and then chilled.

    Our hostel was hosting the worlds best student paint party this evening and not being able to think of anything worse, we opted out of that, much to the disgust of our roommates.
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  • Day38

    Today we took the car to Caboolture in the rain. However, after the 40 mins drive, it had basically stopped. The route was familiar so it wasn't too bad driving there. The Caboolture Historical Village is situated on 4 hectares (about 12 acres) of land just north of Caboolture town centre on the old Bruce Highway. In the Village there are over 70 buildings, and more than 110,000 museum pieces. As you walk through the visitors centre you then step out into a Village of yesteryear. The street with the old post office, barber, butcher and general store will bring back memories for many, however there is much more including an exhibition from the Queensland Prison’s Museum, the old Caboolture Hospital, several cottages that were moved from various sites around Caboolture, the old Caboolture Railway Station, and a popular exhibit with models of ships from the First Fleet to arrive in Sydney in 1788 in the Maritime Museum. We also found a mortuary, soap shop, lolly shop and Old Masonic Hall. The whole area gave lots of photo opportunities, with a few unusual and comedy moments! Without realising we were exploring the surroundings for at least 1 hr 30 mins. I think the Prison Museum and police station was interesting - partly for the information and examples of the building being used went right up to the 1950's and one execution that took place could have been a possible relative! We were thinking of heading towards Bribie Island after, but the weather again took a turn for the worse, so we decided to leave it for another day.Read more

  • Day194

    The hostel has free surfboards that you can borrow so this morning we headed down to the beach. It was the busiest beach that we have been on in Australia so far with hundreds of people and school children. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic so I let Si loose on the surfboard whilst I sunbathed / slept / read my book. The surf wasn't the best today so when a very defeated Simon Thatcher came out of the sea, we headed back to the hostel for some lunch. Back at the hostel all of the staff were running around preparing the place for a storm that was rolling in. We took that as a sign that perhaps we shouldn't head back down to the beach in the afternoon. We lounged around at the hostel for a bit but when the rain still didn't come we decided to have a wander around the shops at Noosa Junction. Noosa isn't your traditional backpacker area so there were some really nice nicknack shops to mooch around.

    After dinner we decided to head down to Noosa Heads which is down by the beach to get some ice cream from the Ben & Jerry's shop we spotted in the morning. It was cheaper to buy a large and share than to buy 2 small ones so we went for 3 scoops. All of which were delicious! To walk off the ice cream we had a wander around the shops down by the beach. We were thinking about stopping somewhere for a drink and watching some live music but it was proper posh and therefore we felt embarrassed going in there in our travellers attire. Instead we settled for window shopping and listening to the music from the pavement outside.
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  • Day197

    The farm where we will be working for the next 2 weeks, situated in the Kerry Valley, is called Shamrockvale. At around 4,000 acres it's pretty huge, the majority of which is dedicated to cattle, in particular wagyu cows. They also grow a range of crops, have an organic beehive business as well as some chickens (or chooks as the Ozzies call them), ducks and peacocks.

    The farm is around a 2 hour bus journey (on 2 buses) south of Brisbane. The bus dropped us off in a town called Beaudesert where Chris, the Farm Manager picked us up and took us to the farm. On the farm we are known as wwoofers which stands for willing workers on organic farms. This farm has separate accommodation for wwoofers which is really nice. Its fairly new by the looks of things with a nice kitchen, table and huge sofa. Separate from this there are 4 bedrooms. There is only one other wwoofer working on the farm at the moment called Sonya so we have managed to get a huge room to ourselves with a double bed! There are also 2 separate toilets and showers which are also pretty nice. I think we are going to like it here.

    Once we had settled in, Chris went over some paperwork with us and then gave us a quick tour. Chris had arranged for Sonya to take us to the supermarket after she finished work so in the meantime we could just chill. On this farm they don't provide us with food and instead give us supermarket gift cards. For our first week we get $100 each for food and then onwards we get $77 each. That is considerably more than we have been spending so it was a very exciting food shop. We also have an oven which you never get in a hostel so for dinner we had smoked cod in a garlic and herb butter, sweet potato wedges and vegetables, delicious. There are a few books here that you can read, the majority of which are in German except for the first Harry Potter book. Simon has suddenly discovered a love for books and by the end of the evening was a third of the way through. This is quite a big deal for him and will be the first fiction book that he will have ever finished. Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 7am - 3pm with an hour for lunch and smoko (what they call the morning tea break) around 9:30am, so once Simon managed to peal himself away from Harry we tucked in early.
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  • Day37

    Sarah decided to stay home tidy a cupboard and revise for an Alcohol serving qualification. So Trev and I took the bus to Redcliffe to enjoy a walk and some lunch. We got off the 690 at Pelican Park. If we had arrived before 10 am we could have seen the resident pelicans who can still be seen sitting or standing on the top of the lampposts at the end of the Honribrook Highway bridge, even though they are encouraged not to by devises fitted to the lamps!
    Pelican Park is named in honour of these amazing winged creatures. The park is located at the southern end of Redcliffe Peninsula just next to Bells Beach. It juts out into Bramble Bay, making it the perfect spot for pelicans to land. Often they return at sunset to perch high above the bridge as the hues of red and gold bathe the sky – a marvelous sight to behold for commuters travelling home across the water.
    We walked along the Clontarf / Redcliffe path all the way around Clontarf’s bay, passing through rock-lined Bell’s Beach to the Woody Point jetty, a 230m structure of recycled hardwood, 2.5km. Before the jetty the sprawling Belvedere Hotel has vistas across Bramble Bay that have been touted by National Geographic as some of the country’s best sunset views. It was also in this vicinity that Matthew Flinders stepped ashore in 1799 during his exploration of the bay and, inspired by the red soil outcrops, named the peninsula Redcliffe.
    We had lunch at Feelgoodz, having a Citrus Iced Tea float for the first time - tea over crush ice with orange ice cream and topped with lemon sorbet, Yum!! The chicken, bacon, Avo and spinach sandwich wasn't bad either. After lunch we returned home stopping to pick up supplies and an Iced Latte for Sarah. I then spent at least an hour in the pool, enjoying the cool water and warm air temperature.
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  • Day26

    Another early day go get on a bus for yet another adventure. This one I would highly recommend. It is called Barefoot Tours.

    First stop was Lake Eacham, it was pretty, but nothing special. I didn't go swimming as it was a little early and I just wasn't feeling it. We had morning tea and then headed to Milla Milla Falls. For those of you who don't know this falls, it is the home of the hair flip shampoo commercial. The water was a little cold but once you were in it was amazing and you could swim up to the falls and go behind it. It was pretty incredible.

    Next stop, Josephine Falls, home of the natural water slide. Definitely my favorite stop of the day. Lorrain and I had tons of fun sliding down the rock and just hanging out in the water. Beautiful clear water. Pretty indescribable.

    Next we went off to Devils pools and Babinda Boulders. There is a really interesting legend here about a you g aboriginal girl who was meant to marry the chief but fell in love with a warrior from another tribe. They decided to run off together, but we're caught. He was published and she was taken back to marry the chief. She then threw herself into the pools and killed herself. Over the years quite a few people have died there, mostly young men. They say it is her spirit that lures them there. I think it's just young men being young men. Then the last swimming spot for a quick dip. Some of the boys were jumping off the rock.

    Back in the bus for the drive back and some Timtams. Yum:)

    We got back to Cairns, do I went back to get all packed and then went to meet Lauren and Lorrain for dinner. Good old Gilligans again. But delicious steak. We then played a game that was a version of Family Feud, you can only imagine how that went. Lauren went to bed so Lorrain and went for a walk for one last drink down to the Pier bar. Got myself a legit Pina Colada. Which is hilarious because we were talking about those that day.

    Now for yet another fun coincidence of the trip. I was telling Lorrain a story of an Asian girl who was yelling at the Jet ski tour on the phone while I was in Airlie. And she said the story sounded familiar. Turns out... She was on the other side of this girl!! We had already crossed paths on our trip. Crazy!! This whole trip had been coincidences and timing things, it's been quite cool.

    👣's: 14853 - 10.87 km
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  • Day195

    The coastal walk from Noosa to Sunshine Beach, through the National Park, is apparently a must do when in Noosa so we decided to do that. Despite the drizzle it was a lovely walk with some great views. Many people spot dolphins and koalas on the walk but we didn't get lucky. As we neared Sunshine Beach we could see a storm rolling in over the sea. It was really cool to watch however not coming out prepared for rain we got incredibly wet. The rain was so heavy it hurt our backs when it hit us and the wind meant it was coming down sideways. When we made it down to the beach we found a shelter with 2 other people sheltering from the rain. It wasn't long before there were 7 of us huddled together under the tiny shelter waiting for the rain to pass. We waited for a good 20 minutes but with no signs of it easing off we all decided to make a run for it to the bus stop so we could get a bus back. At one point we were running along a street in water up to our ankles. Half way to the bus stop we took refuge in a public toilet for a breather and to wring out our clothes before heading out again. I think the bus driver took pity on us and gave us a reduced fare which was very nice of him. We couldn't have been any wetter. The Sunshine Coast certainly isn't living up to its name.

    Back at the hostel it was straight in a hot shower to thaw out. All of our clothes including our trainers and bag went in the tumble dryer to dry out. We had taken a picnic out with us on the walk but not having a chance to eat it we cracked it open back at the hostel. We then spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards and watching Netflix.

    Jess and Meg from our Fraser Island tour are also staying in our hostel so we planned to meet up with them for a drink in the evening. They decided to stay in the hostel bar though and craving a drink that wasn't served in a plastic cup we headed out to a bar across the road where we both had a glass of wine and a cheeseboard. The wine was incredible and the cheese a taste sensation (minus the mouldy stuff). Don't get me wrong we love travelling but sometimes you just want to feel like a normal 30 year old and drink something other than goon and watered down spirits.
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  • Day196

    Now over 6 months in to our travelling, our bank balance is somewhat depleting. We have therefore lined up 2 weeks working on a farm in exchange for free accommodation and food so we left Noosa and headed down to Brisbane for the night.

    We were hoping the weather would be better in Brisbane but unfortunately it is lashing it down there too. Our hostel is really nice though. Our 6 bed dorm is tiny but it's clean, we have a duvet and not just a sheet and the bathrooms are nice. It's also really chilled out and no party in sight which is a relief.

    Without a car, we are not sure whether we are actually going to be able to leave the farm for the next 2 weeks so we braved the rain to grab some bits and pieces. We have gotten through our 1 litre bottle of sunscreen so we needed to get some more, although the weather forecast predicts more rain for the next to weeks so maybe it's wishful thinking that we'll need it.
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  • Day24

    Gibt es den? Ja, es gibt ihn! Sogar, wenn er auf einen Freitag, den 13. fällt.

    Frühmorgens scheint die Sonne auf unseren Balkon, der Himmel erstrahlt in seinem schönsten blau und ein leichtes Lüftchen weht. Bestes Segelwetter.

    Das kommt wie gerufen, denn wir haben für heute eine Segeltour gebucht. Es geht zu den Low Isles, einer kleinen Inselgruppe direkt vor der Küste. Die Tour soll besonders für Familien mit Kindern geeignet sein und ich hoffe, dass noch andere Kinder mit an Bord sind. Wir haben deswegen extra etwas tiefer in die Reisekasse gegriffen.

    Um kurz nach 8 Uhr werden wir vom Shuttlebus abgeholt und zum Schiff gebracht. Im Hafen erwartet uns ein großer Catamaran der Luxusklasse. Die Crew besteht aus drei Mädels, die Älteste vielleicht Anfang dreißig?! Sie ist unser Kapitän 😳 Wow, ich bin baff. Toll!

    Insgesamt sind 28 Personen an Bord, leider keine weiteren Kinder. Im Gegenteil, das geschätzte Durchschnittsalter liegt bei etwa 70. Die Familien sind dann scheinbar doch woanders mitgefahren. Luise scheint es trotzdem zu gefallen, als einziges Kind an Bord bekommt man natürlich auch viel mehr Aufmerksamkeit und sie freut sich, wenn sie ihre Lauflernversuche allen vorführen darf.

    Wir haben die Segel gesetzt und sind zügig unterwegs. Es ist herrlich entspannend, über die Wellen zu reiten und zuzuschauen, wie das Schiff sich immer weiter vom Festland entfernt. Ich habe schon länger nichts mehr so genießen können wie gerade diese Segeltour. Es gibt noch einen kleinen Frühstückssnack und dann sind wir auch schon da. Nach einer kurzen Schnorchel-Einweisung werden wir mit einem kleinen Boot zur Insel gebracht.

    Leo schnorchelt als erster. Ich buddele mit Luise am Strand unter einem kleinen Unterstand. Die Sonne ist ganz schön heftig und man holt sich ganz fix einen Sonnenbrand. Das kann Leo nach diesem Trip persönlich bestätigen 😩 Dann schnorchele ich. Auch hier hat das Wasser wieder Badewannentemperatur. Herrlich. Die Korallen allerdings sehen das nicht so, wie wir später aufgeklärt werden. Sie leiden unter der Korallenbleiche und stoßen bei zu hohen Wassertemperaturen ihre Farbpigmente ab. Es gibt tatsächlich fast nur noch graue, beige, weiße und blau-lila Korallen. Dafür sind die Fischlein aber noch schön bunt, denen scheint der Temperaturanstieg nix auszumachen. Leo bemerkt zutreffend: "ist ja wie im Aquarium".

    Die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug... oder besser .... wie beim Segeln. Nach einem Inselrundgang geht es zum Mittagessen zurück an Bord. Danach darf vom Boot aus nochmal geschnorchelt werden, was Leo sich nicht zweimal sagen lässt und noch mal reinhüpft.

    Anschließend treten wir auch schon die Heimfahrt an. Da Leo jetzt auf Luise aufpasst, kann ich mich ganz entspannt vorn in die Netze des Catamarans legen und mich über die Wellen Richtung Heimathafen tragen lassen. Ein Traum! Das war ein toller Tag!
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