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    • Day184

      BITCH3 Trail #33

      April 10, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ☁️ 30 °C

      It was the hottest day since I arrived a month ago [39C / 102F]. Trail started up near the airport, and had a funny story to go with it. Doing these social distancing trails, the hare goes out early and sets the trail. Slither was that hare, and he made it about 3/4 of the way through, and while going through the town, got picked up by the police for putting down flour. After a couple hours of questioning, another hasher went in and helped explain. They eventually let him go, but the trail had an abrupt ending in the middle of the street. We eventually figured it out, and made our way back to the start. more


      Start was way out by the airport.


      This was a good mark, but several parts of the trail were not marked so well.


      That was the highest point on trail.

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    • Day158

      The past 24 hours has been pretty wild

      March 15, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      This time yesterday, we were jumping in the taxi at our hotel in Ma'Adi (Cairo), and headed for the airport. There were very few cars on the streets at 6 am, plus the fact that many roads were flooded. The taxi had to go through no less than 5 water pools in the road on the way. Jo was flying back home to the US (JFK), where her folks were picking her up (she made it safe and sound by the way). My return flight from Jordan was cancelled, so the whole trip to see Petra was cancelled. I quickly booked a flight to the next scheduled locations, which was Bahrain. Jo's flight was at 9:30 am (mine was at 1:50 PM). So we rode in together, and I planned to hang out at the airport. Jo goes in fine, I get told to wait outside (in the building, but in the front area) until 8. I tried again at 8, they said come back at 9. I came back at 9, they said come back at 11. I finally get in at 1030, after sitting for 4 hours with almost nothing to do as their was no free WiFi at the airport. The remaining 3 hour wait went quickly after I bought some WiFi on the inside, and drank a couple beers. The flight to Bahrain was uneventful, and less than 3 hours, super easy. Upon arrival, we were directed to a bus that took us to a fenced in compound . . . a makeshift medical screening facility. We go in, get issued masks, and told to fill out a medical form. We then lined up for an evaluation, nose swab, details, etc., and we sign forms that we will be quarantined for 14 days in home. We then watched the staff come back out from the screening area shouting names through their masks, to get people to sign their forms. I was first to get done, and the only American, so was easy for me. All the others spread out in the waiting area, so they staff had to walk all over the room until they found each individual. Once that was complete, they sent our tests to the lab for analysis. While waiting (at about 8:30 PM) the staff finally realizes we are not getting out anytime soon, so they bring in airline food for everyone. The usual chicken or beef options, and the rest of the tray. By 9:30 PM, the air conditioners are working overtime, and the whole facility is getting pretty cold. So seeing everyone shivering, I asked the staff if they can turn down the AC . . . 15 minutes later they bring in a bunch of blankets. We have been in the process for 4 hours at this point, with almost no information on what is going on. Finally, at about 4 am, we get the word that all tested NEGATIVE, and we were ready to complete the immigration process. That takes another hour, and we finally get the word that 14 day quarantine was not required. We are free to enjoy life from outside a locked room (I don't think I could stand going to prison, holy hell). Here I am now, in Bahrain, and ready for the hash tomorrow, and the INTERGULF hash event next weekend. So will be here at least a week . . . but then what? Time will tell.Read more


      The waiting area, about half the size of a football field.


      After they bring out the blankets. This fine lady got the only cot, but she also provided me a hotspot WiFi off her phone. That was HUGE, after sitting there for 3 hours. Was able to contact my friend here, and let him know I was stuck indefinitely.


      Behind this wall was the makeshift medical screening area and immigration counter.

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    • Day159

      Bahrain H3 Trail #2550

      March 16, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

      A rolling stone gathers no moss . . . so this rolling stone keeps on hashing. I had the opportunity to join the Bahrain H3 for their weekly evening hash tonight. This time of year, it is dark for the whole trail, but being mostly a street run there was plenty of lights. It was the annual St. Paddy's day hash, and the pack dressed in their best (yea, right) green attire. Trail was pretty much a street run, but the circle was a rousing good time with plenty of hash songs and cheer. A solid pack of 25+ enjoyed this gaggle of brilliant jokes, songs, and even came with a pot of Irish stew. Ok, maybe it was just boiled potatoes with some beef cubes, but it was surely tasty to the half drunken pack after an hour circle. This was the final local hash before the hoard of visitors (or maybe the one dude that got in) roll in for INTERGULF this weekend. And FUN, FUN I tell you, was had by all. more


      Chalk Talk


      The walkers on trail


      Beer check

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    • Day82

      Muharraq, City

      November 21, 2022 in Bahrain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      „al-Muharraq ist die drittgrößte Insel von Bahrain mit 110.964 Einwohnern. Die nördlich von der Hauptinsel Bahrain gelegene 17 km² große Insel war bis 1923 Sitz des Königshauses.“

      Hier war früher die Hauptstadt und nun gibt es hier eine schöne Altstadt. Enge Gassen mit alten und neuen Häusern. In einem schönen Restaurant essen wir nochmal ein Bahrainisches Frühstück, dabei lernen wir einen Marokkaner mit seinem Sohn kennen, die in San Fransisco wohnen und zum Fußball nach Katar wollen.

      Direkt neben dem Restaurant liegt ein Museum, hier gibt es alte Lagerhallen zu sehen.

      Besonders interessant:
      „Eine Madbasah ist die traditionelle Struktur zur Lagerung von Datteln und zur Herstellung von Dattelsirup. Sie besteht aus Kanälen, auf denen eine Matte aus der Mittelrippe eines Palmblattes gelegt wird. Die Dattelsäcke werden über der Matte aufgestapelt und
      lassen sie tagelang reifen, manchmal auch in der Sonne. Der Sirup tropft dann auf natürliche Weise durch die Matte und sickert durch den Raum zwischen den Stäben
      in die Rinnen. Das Gefälle der Rinnen leitet den Sirup in einen Tontopf oder einen mit Gips ausgekleideten Tank, der in einer Ecke unter der Erde steht. Sobald genug darin ist, kann der Dattelsirup aus dem Topf in ein anderes Gefäß geschöpft werden,
      um ihn zu verkaufen oder für den späteren Verzehr aufzubewahren.
      Die Madbasah, die dort zu sehen ist, ist einzigartig, da einige der ursprünglichen Dattelsäcke zurückgelassen wurden, als das Gebäude nicht mehr genutzt wurde.
      Die Säcke blieben unberührt, selbst als das Gebäude im Laufe der Jahre verfiel.“
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      ich bin über so viel Vielfältigkeit eiinfach überwältigt

    • Day2

      First day in Bahrain

      April 23, 2022 in Bahrain ⋅ ⛅ 81 °F

      Got my rental car, arrived at my airbnb which has a dope view, took it easy on my first day and got settled in. Drove around a little bit, trying to get a vibe from the place. It's like a lowkey Dubai with island and desert elements. Hard to get a feel at first.Read more

    • Day186

      Could be Time . . . to Head Home

      April 12, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

      My visa extension runs out today. Unless a last minute miracle happens, I don't think a second extension will be approved. As it stands right now, I will be heading to the airport for the 32 hour trip back around the world to Honolulu. My flight departs at 1:30 am, that will take me from Bahrain to Paris on Gulf Air. Then over to Delta (Air France) from Paris to Los Angeles, and the final leg is Los Angeles to Honolulu, due to arrive at 7:39 PM, all on the same day (Monday, 13 April). There is simply no way to continue to travel until later this year when the COVID beast has been tamed. Frankly, who knows how all that will unfold. Although shorter than anticipated, this trip will in fact have taken me completely around the planet. It was great to have Jo along for the middle 4 months of this journey, glad she got to enjoy all the best parts. It was also excellent to meet and hang out with old friends, and so many new friends.Read more

    • Day7


      January 29, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

      Das Königreich Bahrain ist der einzige Inselstaat Arabiens. Mit rund 711 Quadratkilometern Fläche ist der Archipel mit seinen 33 Inseln nicht einmal so groß wie der Stadtstaat Hamburg. Die Hauptinsel Bahrain misst in der Länge 48 und in der Breite 16 Kilometer. Sie hat eine Fläche von rund 586 Quadratkilometern und ist seit 1986 über eine 25 Kilometer lange Brücke, den King Fahad Causeway, mit Saudi Arabien verbunden. Bahrain liegt östlich von Saudi Arabien im Arabischen Golf. Die Entfernung zu Qatar beträgt rund 35 Kilometer Luftlinie. Im Nordosten liegt die Landeshauptstadt Manama mit etwa 148.000 Einwohnern und dem Hafen Mina Salman im Süden der Hauptstadt. Insgesamt leben auf den Inseln etwa 1 Million Menschen..Read more

    • Day158

      Bahrain, and a bottle of wine!

      December 16, 2022 in Bahrain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Bahrain was a bit of a disappointment offering much more than glittery skyscrapers at night and otherwise being dusty and without much charm and natural beauty.
      But it had one highlight, alcohol is allowed and so we had a beautiful fish dinner and a real, unforged, authentic bottle of wine from Australia.
      Downside, it was the most expensive dinner we have ever had! But when you are desperate, what else to do?
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    • Day162

      All By Myself . . .

      March 19, 2020 in Bahrain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Although most social activities are locked down here in Bahrain, like they are all over the world, it is still a lovely place to be. Sunny skies, warm temperatures, and easy to maintain that social distancing. I have vowed to make the most of it, and get in a workout every day. I have an awesome place nearby to meditate while I run . . . as they say . . . "All by myself"
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      Its about 2 Kms per lap, but can break it up with some figure 8s. Wanted to see how far I could run now without stopping. Did 5 kms (3 Miles) in 32 minutes. Best I've done since before the operation. Walked an additional 2 miles just to meditate.

    • Day29

      Bahrain Airport

      January 2, 2018 in Bahrain ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

      Wir sind mit ein paar Stunden Verspätung heute Nacht gegen 3 Uhr im Bahrain angekommen. Nach ein bisschen suchen haben wir dann noch ein freies Plätzchen im Flughafen zum schlafen gefunden. Jetzt ist nur noch die Frage wann es weiter geht.

      Ob unser Gepäck das Chaos wohl mitmacht?
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