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  • Day744

    Uruguay: Some Thoughts and Facts

    January 26, 2020 in Uruguay ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Thoughts and facts about Uruguay:

    There are more cows than people, with 12 million cows an only 3 million people, half of whom live in Montevideo. Now I get why when I asked what to do in the interior of the country, people looked at me like I was crazy - it’s just a lot of farmland!

    It is so small they have a plaque commemorating when The Rolling Stones first played a concert here, as popular musicians never stopped in Uruguay prior. They also teach about the day that Uruguay unexpectedly won the a World Cup in school 😂

    People are even more obsessed with mate here than Argentina. I didn’t think it was possible but everywhere I turn someone is carrying around their mate cup and thermos. I still don’t get it.

    “1st world prices, 3rd world lifestyle.” Ok it might be a little cheaper than the US and not totally 3rd world here, but it is much more expensive than I expected, especially after BA.

    Montevideo is much more of a beach city than I expected. It has a nice boardwalk that line the coast for at least 20 miles filled with runners, walkers and bikers. On the sandy beaches, kids run about and people play competitive volleyball. Architecture near La Ciudad Vieja (the old city) however feels very Soviet with bland block housing, grey streets and lots of graffiti. It was led by Communist dictators until the 1980s, so I guess that kinda makes sense.

    The country’s actual name is Oriental Republic of Uruguay. And Montevideo means “6th hill from east to east,” named as such by the Spanish to find their new port city.

    It has been a nice few days here and I am glad we came, but not sure we would return for any particular reason.
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    Fascinating and fun commentary.