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  • Day49

    Maceio, Brazil

    February 21, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

    We are headed around the “nose” of South America and this lovely city provided us with the restfulness of lovely beaches, turquoise water and warm breezes as we strolled along the pedestrian walkway that runs the full length of the beach.
    There are some rather unusual sailboats (see photos) that take people out for rides. They are very casual, with wooden benches on the deck of the boat and beautifully shaped sails. Coconut water and ice cream seem to be the refreshment of choice here.
    We met and visited with a charming young Brazilian woman who is a construction engineering student and is here on vacation for a few weeks.
    One more stop before we head into the Amazon!
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    Cheryl Hassan

    Did you dare to sail in those interesting boats? Are you all wearing pedometers to log how far you have walked “around” SA?

    Mark Zimmerman

    Life’s a beach.

    Ali and Jeff Carithers

    We did not dare to ride on those boats! And no, we have not logged specific miles because we are constantly warned to not take anything off the ship with us (bags, watches, rings, wallets) because of crime.


    I’m told my colleagues in Chile that wearing any jewelry means you want someone to take it. It’s like an invitation. As if you’re offering it up by wearing it :)