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    • Day 88

      Maceió, Brazil

      March 9, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 86 °F

      New-to-us port #17.

      What can I say about this port of call? Not much. Our tour was a huge disappointment … I know Sonia and Boris would agree with that statement.

      It started with the delay in clearing the ship. It was about 45 minutes after we were docked that we finally got the OK to disembark. And then there was the chaos ashore with the left hand seemingly not knowing what the right hand was doing. Finally, we found the required interport shuttle outside the cruise terminal … instead of pierside where the shuttle to the city center was waiting to whisk people into Maceió.

      The shuttle took us to Mercado 31 outside the port entrance. We looked for the guide, who was supposed to be there with Sonia’s name written on an “A4 paper.” That’s what we were told by the man with whom Sonia had been corresponding to set up the tour. No sign with her name on it. Eventually, we connected and set off on our tour.

      The tour! The less said about it the better. It was a non-tour … more like a drive on the highway with a few stops along the way. The guide, and I use the term in the loosest possible way, spoke very, very (very) little English; the driver had marginally better language skills. No narration whatsoever to explain what we were seeing.

      We saw nothing of Maceió itself. And very little of the places to which we were taken … the French Beach; Barra São Miguel; Gunga Beach. The latter was supposed to be our beach break. But the water was so rough that it made no sense to stick around. That was especially a shame since the beautiful color of the water as we approached our berth at noon had been exceptionally inviting.

      If there was a highlight today, it was the overlook at Gunga Beach where a sea of coconut palms stretched as far as the eye could see … millions of trees we were told.

      We tried to put on a brave face and persevere. But finally our frustrations got the better of us. We told the driver to return us to Mercado 31 so we could catch the interport shuttle back to Insignia. This time, the shuttle took us right up to the ship … grateful for small favors we are.

      This day goes into the annals of our sightseeing experiences as a definite loss.

      We will forget about it and move on to better experiences.
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    • Day 54

      Maceió, Brazil

      March 9, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 86 °F

      Our guide was Gabriel. His English was lacking so some information was unclear and needed to be looked up when we were done. Oddly, more people speak German than English in this town. There were some names that we couldn’t capture as we were trying to understand the details.

      Maceió is an indigenous term for spring. Most maceiós flow to the sea but some end up forming lakes. There are numerous maceiós and lakes in this part of Brazil; because of this, the city was named Maceió, and is in the state of Alagoas.

      They were founded on December 5, 1815 and soon became the capital on December 9, 1839. There are three levels to the city - sea level, mid level and upper level which break up where people live, where churches and commerce are, and where the government resides.

      There are 1.1 million people that live here, the average worker makes $300/month and the average rent is $300-$400/month. Suffice to say you need multiple incomes to live.

      Those that can afford to buy a home pay $100,000 a few blocks from the sea to $200,000-$500,000 for those on the water.

      One of the first things we saw was a replica of the Statue of Liberty which was inaugurated in 1827. Didn’t expect to see this first thing in the morning!

      We went to the Cathedral of Our Lady of Pleasures Church (in Marshall Square - which is its modern name) which was built in 1840. Eighteen people have been working to scrape off old paint since 2015. The work seems endless.

      The great soccer star Pele passed away a few months ago. Brazil is in the process of renaming several things after him now as you can’t put names of people on buildings until after they die.

      Then we went to Jose Rubahal Square. This is a small park in a neighborhood but looks over the entire city. A local gave us each 5 or so beads and then we made wishes for each one and threw it over our shoulder with hopes that they will come true.

      We went to the handicraft market (we walked in one end and made a beeline to the other end) and crossed the street to the beach. The water is crystal blue and the sun was about to set. At this time of day the temperature was moderate and there was a nice breeze.
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    • Day 187


      March 11, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

      Maragogi is a Brazillian vacation spot known for its warm shallow water, long beaches, and 'The Path of Moses.'

      It's about a kilometer long sandbar that appears at low tide and turns into a huge Brazilian-style beach party! Floating bar boats line up, serving Capirinhas, beer, and of course, they all have a barbecue going, serving grilled kabobs!

      There are ice cream men wading around with their floating coolers, people selling waterproof cases, shrimp, lobster, photos, sunglasses, and all your typical beach fare.

      We went out a couple of times and had a great time sipping our Caipirinhas in the knee-deep water, soaking up the sun and dancing.

      Anna went scuba diving here, and we relaxed by the pool at our little cabana we rented. It was a great, relaxing stop!
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    • Day 9

      Marceio, Brazil

      March 9, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Our day turned out to be quite different than was planned. Originally going to explore on our own, to a tour with Oceania. Friends decided they wanted to spend day on board, so they offered us their excursion. Maybe they made the right choice. We took a caterman to supposedly one of the top 10 beaches in Brazil. I don't think so. We did enjoy the boat ride and the company. Last stop was the lace village. Early evening as tomorrow will be another tour with DoBrazilRight.Read more

    • Day 14


      September 25, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      In Maragogi gibt es einen Eco Park mit heimischen Tieren. Hier werden verletzte Tiere wieder aufgepäppelt und leben hier, wenn sie in der Natur nicht mehr zurecht kämen. Außerdem gibt es Nachzuchtprogramme für vom Aussterben bedrohte Tiere.
      Natürlich gibt es auch das übliche Touristenprogramm … es war sehr interessant und wir hatten viel Spaß.
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    • Day 34

      Porto da Pedras

      October 4, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

      Die letzten 3 Tage verbrachten wir in einer kleinen, hübschen Pousada. Als einzige Gäste genossen wir die volle Aufmerkamkeit des Personals und des Besitzerehepaares.
      Gestern war wieder einmal Waschen angesagt und daneben Strandspaziergang, Faulenzen und Baden im Pool. Heute machten wir einen Brasilienstyle-Bootausflug mit Jagd auf Seekühe und gegen Abend gings zum Sundowner vor verschlossener Strandbar!Read more

    • Day 130–132


      December 16, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Nächster Stop Maragogi!
      Die Anreise hierhin gestaltete sich ein wenig schwierig, da wir von Pipa aus fast 400km zurücklegen mussten. Aber ein Bus, zwei Bla Bla Cars und ein Uber später haben wir den kleinen Küstenort erreicht. Auch hier gab es tolle Strände zu sehen. Ein Highlight war hier die Bootstour zu den Natural Pools 🥰Read more

    • Day 31

      Praia do Francês

      October 1, 2023 in Brazil ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

      Weiter mit Küstenhopping. Heute machten wir wieder gut 300 km mit dem Auto nordwärts. Wir fuhren durch grosse Zuckerrohrplantagen und haben gesehen, woher die wichtigste Zutat des Caipirinha kommt!
      Wir wunderten uns über die eher spezielle Strassenführung: regelmässig vor bewohnten Gebieten, wurde die 4-spurige Fastautobahn ohne Ankündigung auf 2 Spuren verengt. Viele Schwellen sorgen dann für gemässigtes Tempo.
      Uns passen die Temperaturen hier, tagsüber 30° bei einem angenehmen Wind. Nachts brauchen wir keine Klimaanlage und können bei geöffnetem Fenster schlafen.
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    • Day 49

      Maceio, Brazil

      February 21, 2018 in Brazil ⋅ ⛅ 84 °F

      We are headed around the “nose” of South America and this lovely city provided us with the restfulness of lovely beaches, turquoise water and warm breezes as we strolled along the pedestrian walkway that runs the full length of the beach.
      There are some rather unusual sailboats (see photos) that take people out for rides. They are very casual, with wooden benches on the deck of the boat and beautifully shaped sails. Coconut water and ice cream seem to be the refreshment of choice here.
      We met and visited with a charming young Brazilian woman who is a construction engineering student and is here on vacation for a few weeks.
      One more stop before we head into the Amazon!
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    • Day 170

      Die Tierwelt von Maragogi

      June 9, 2016 in Brazil ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Es gibt hier diverse Tierchen... Fliegend, kriechend etc.

      Der hübschen Raupe sollte man lieber fernbleiben, denn es brennt sehr, wenn man sie berührt.
      Eine schön gestaltete Eingangstür... Ich glaube, der Künstler war eine Ameise. Oder viele Ameisen...
      Habt Ihr schon einmal Schildkrötenscheiße gesehen? 😁
      Bei dem letzten Bild handelt es sich um die seltene Art der deutschen Reise-Raupe, die sich insbesondere zu Abendstunden einpuppt zum Schutz vor den brasilianischen Mücken, die eben genau auf das Blut dieser deutschen Raupe stehen...
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